Letters to the editor: Spay, neuter program best solution

I drove into my work driveway and saw a box sitting on the step. Having seen this several times during the past year and knowing what I was going to find, I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

In the bottom of the box was a note that read "Blessed are the beasts and the children." With the note were three cans of gourmet food, a fuzzy stuffed animal and four kittens.

When animals are dumped on people, we almost always have to take them to animal control. We shouldn't be made responsible for doing this. It breaks my heart and I'm sure others put in this position feel the same way.

Spaying or neutering is the answer to unwanted pets. High Plains Humane Society has a program for people with limited incomes to get their pet sterilized. Clovis Animal Welfare League is also able to help.

I ask Clovis to please stop dumping on me and others and get your pet fixed! More animals are euthanized at animal control than find homes. It just doesn't seem fair that the majority of these animals are born to die.

Darlene Ray


Right-side drive cars could protect officers

I would like to share this message about my idea for the safety of law enforcement officers.

Someone should build a new police unit that can be driven from the vehicle's right side.

That way the officer can more easily step out of the car in safety, away from the highway.

We need to keep our law officers safe.

Raymond Samora

Fort Sumner

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