My turn: Ice cream better when shared

I'm privileged to own the book, "Six Miles to the Windmill," by Annie King Greaves. It's her personal recollections from 1908-1913.

She tells about this ice cream social. Frank rode 12 miles to invite the neighbors, and they spread the word by riding on out to their neighbors.

Don drove a big team of red mules 21 miles to town, leaving before sunup to get 300 hundred pounds of ice and return at sunset.

About 30 people showed up with gallon buckets, milk, eggs and cake. The men took turns with the freezing while the children played games, and they'd yell for everyone to come get more ice cream when the next batch was ready.

She says this went on into the "small hours of the morning," when the wagons were loaded, and sleeping children were nestled into quilts for the ride home. Everyone was happy because they'd had ice cream at least once that summer.

And that's what our families were doing 100 years ago on the in Roosevelt County.

I'm so proud of them. I think they were amazing people to roll our here in covered wagons and establish such wonderful little communities.

Make some homemade ice cream in their honor this summer.

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