Letters to the editor: Horse slaughter critics unrealistic

On May 11, you printed a letter from state Sen. Mary Jane Garcia with her thought that horse slaughter leads to over-breeding of horses. May we disagree completely with her?

I am 66 years old and have been on the back of a horse for at least 62 of those years. No matter how special a horse is or how much you love them, there will come a time when they can no longer go on living.

That is just the way life is.

So, the question is, do we want them put down in a government inspected plant or is it better to put them out in the back pasture out of sight and allow them to die a slow, miserable death and be eaten by wild animals?

People with the viewpoint of Sen. Garcia offer no solution to the reality of the problem, just the thought of it's wrong to slaughter horses.

On questions such as this we need to come to reasonable solutions, not just emotional thought and feeling that do nothing to solve the problem at hand.

Bill Rush

Roosevelt County Farm and Livestock Bureau president


All nations should come together

I am not a professor, but I believe all nations should come together.

It's a simple concept.

What good would it do if there weren't any kind of human on earth? Trying to take control over other nations is not right.

Every nation should unite for the sake of the people of the Earth.

All national leaders have to do is to forget about debts, so all nations can have a new start.

This idea will solve all problems all over the world. This money issue is something of the past. We need to forget about all this money and live our lives out, and let others do the same.

Raymond Samora

Fort Sumner

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