Christian people must stand up

I am perplexed about something.

Our America was founded on Christian principles. This land was populated by people wanting religious freedom. The term "separation of church and state" means the government will not force the people to any certain religion, nor will it keep anyone from practicing the faith of their choice.

Now, however, all over this great country, Christians are being told we cannot pray at public functions. Now, we must hide our faith, under the guise of "not offending" anyone.

We in America have never before had to defend our faith. Christians all over the world have died in defense of Christianity, but we just step back, being "nice," not realizing what we are losing.

What is at stake here is our religious liberty.

What would happen if every Christian insisted on prayer at public functions? Would we be treated as criminals?

We must remember how God has blessed this nation. Those who come here must not be allowed to change our America to be just like the country they left.

We do not try to force others to be followers of Christ, and we will not be forced to abandon our Christian faith.

If we are to continue to be a great and powerful America, Christian people must stand up and be counted.

I pray that leaders of a state, city, church, school or any organization would listen to God and do as he leads.

In the absence of Christian leadership, God's people must demand the right of Christian people in a Christian nation.

As we stand together in defense of this great nation, we must also stand together to defend our right to worship God and seek his blessing.

May God bless America.

Kay Arvizu


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