Editorial: Can we please move to non-NFL referee topics?

Pardon a moment of snarkiness, but let's remember that the Earth didn't move overnight Wednesday when the NFL referees and owners patched things up and ended their petulant little strike.

Now can we get back to learning more specific details about what is sure to affect all Americans, like who has the right stuff to be our next president?

For the last week or two the talking TV hairdos couldn't concentrate long enough to stop their whine over what call they thought was wrong or how the flow of a football game was hurt by these poor ol' strike scabs.

Unless, of course, it was to berate Mitt Romney for making a poorly worded mistake belittling 47 percent of Americans whose votes he had little chance of ever getting before he stepped on his tongue.

Meanwhile they didn't provide equal harangue time for President Barack Obama's equally poor wording where he termed the unrest in the Middle East as "bumps in the road" after terrorists killed four Americans, including the ambassador, in Libya.

This week the first presidential debate will be held. We sure hope it won't be pre-empted to second-story status should the permanent NFL referees blow a call.

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