Truck pull contest raises $3,500

To some, pulling a semi-trailer truck filled with milk by a rope seemed to be an easy task. To others, it was a challenge.

CNJ staff photo: Benna Sayyed

Members of the Curry County Cats semipro football team pull a semi-trailer truck filled with milk Saturday at the second annual Southwest Cheese truck pull competition at the Curry County Events Center Fairgrounds.

CNJ staff photo: Kevin Wilson

Clovis Fire Department team members pull a tanker truck Saturday morning at the Moo-ve It! Truck Pull Saturday morning at the Curry County Fairgrounds. The CFD team took best time and best dressed awards.

Moo-ve It! 2012, the second annual Southwest Cheese fundraising truck pull competition Saturday brought out about 200 area residents and raised approximately $3,500 for the United Way of Eastern New Mexico.

Last year's event raised $3,100, according to event organizer Linda Hester. Proceeds will benefit the United Way of Eastern New Mexico.

The truck pull was held at the Curry County Fairgrounds. Eight teams of 10 to 15 participants representing local organizations each attempted to tug a semi-trailer truck filled with milk weighing between 55,000 and 60,000 pounds a distance of 25 feet.

The truck driver let off the brake but did not accelerate, so movement of the truck depended on sheer manpower. Each team had two chances, with the best single time winning.

The top three teams received plaques, and the first-place team — the Clovis Fire Department, sponsored by Coffee Depot and the Bender auto dealerships — won back its $375 entry fee. The best dressed competitors — also the CFD — won custom cowbells.

Competitors with the slowest time won a consolation prize of Muscle Milk.

Teams including members of the Curry County Cats and the Clovis Fire Department were made up of stocky men while other teams consisted of men, women and children.

"In the last 10 years I've seen an awful lot of truck pulls around North America and internationally," Hester said. "I just thought it would be a fun thing for Clovis to do.

"We (Southwest Cheese) involve a lot of the dairies. The truckers are the lifeline of our business so it was a good chance to get our business partners involved and do something that's relevant to the community."

Eric Palla and his team, Palla's Pullers, were the second team to pull. Palla's team was made up of various community members.

"I wondered if the truck would ever move (when trying to pull it)," said Palla, co-owner of the Palla Inc. dairy. "It was difficult but it wasn't too bad. It was just fun to get together with friends and support the United Way."

Tanna Chenault, a junior at Eastern New Mexico University, attended the event to support her husband Chet Chenault, a Clovis firefighter. Chenault said she had only seen truck pulls on TV before Saturday.

"I think participating in a truck pull would be fun," Tanna Chenault said. "I don't know how much I would be able to pull but I'd try. It's pretty cool to see this in person."

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