Commissioner: he’s no ‘yes’ man

Regarding the Sept. 23 CNJ editorial "Commissioner should put end to grudge match:"

I was elected to serve the people of Curry County in the best way possible, not to be a "yes" man to the county manager.

However, if we as commissioners are stonewalled by the county manager from getting information or answers of any kind, how can we help our community?

My question is simple: Why is our county manager being paid 50 percent of his salary from our indigent fund? Considering all other duties, where does the 50 percent for indigent fund management fit in?

In the last five years, because of this pay distribution, we have not been able to leverage these funds for a federal 3-to-1 match and our less fortunate have lost out on over $1.2 million of services that should have been available to them.

Let's talk about what's happened with Lance Pyle at the helm — first the jail escapes, and then all the jail administrators he has gone through.

Pyle has had more lawsuits against him and the county than any other manager in the history of Curry County.

We have spent more tax dollars on insurance deductibles and higher premiums than ever before.

Consider all of the county employees who have left.

Treasurer Bernice Baker publicly stated at a meeting she left because of hostile work conditions created by our county manager.

The list goes on and on.

Unfortunately, many of those who have left will not stand up and speak out of fear.

I am asked every week by my constituents how Pyle keeps his job. The answer was in the Sept. 23 CNJ article about Pyle attending a fundraiser for a County Commission candidate.

Dan Stoddard

Curry County


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