Vote to support quality health care

I am writing this letter to inform the public about problems we have with health care in this country.

I recently had back surgery. Before the surgery, I encountered the following issues with my insurance company:

Three days before my surgery, the insurance company declined the surgery. When asked why, they stated that according to their policy they have 14 days to approve a request and have declined it.

I called the surgery center and they said they would postpone it a week and have a peer-to-peer review with my insurance company.

After the peer-to-peer review the doctor stated he would do it according to the insurance company's protocol.

Before the surgery, the surgeon explained that the insurance company wanted to use my bone and tissue for the surgery but would not approve the use of protein around the wound site to promote effective wound healing and prevent infection.

I have a genetic degenerative bone disease so using my own tissue and bone I could possibly need another surgery in a few years.

His explanation made common sense to us so we paid the out-of-pocket expense for the tissue from a donor and the protein around the spine to promote wound healing.

As a dietitian, I know that protein promotes healing.

Insurance companies are making decisions that physicians should be making. Physician's decisions to assist with improving patient quality outcomes ultimately prevent shorter hospitalization and improve quality of life for the patient.

We have the right to vote in America for our candidate of choice. So, I am asking you to vote in this election and to make your decision, not by party, but by the candidate's views on health care.

Judy A. Cox


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