Time for Republicans to be radical

Well, another fake "election" — driven by corruption, voter fraud, over 20 million illegals and a paper-trained Party, rank and file, and Rubber Mouth gets another four years of uncontrolled dictatorship.

So, now we have Obamacare, illegal amnesty and taxes shoved down our throats and see our freedoms trampled into the dirt.

Oh, well. I don't have a country anymore and I have torn up my voter card so I don't have to worry anymore, right?

But I must say your media spin about the lack of importance of voting and general sneer at the process shows that you knew it would be another fraud, right?

I must also say that as a middle class voter, I don't recall "dreaming of millions," just the fighting chance to restore our Judeo-Christian Democratic Republic with a party that will not trample the Constitution or pick our pockets to buy votes with.

I am proud of Mitt Romney and the Republicans. You did great guys, but in a slave dictatorship you couldn't win.

Still, Ronald Reagan said it best: Government isn't the solution. Government is the problem.

Now apparently the Democrats really believe they belong to the government. Slavery is back in force but not for me.

It is time for the true churches, be they Messianic Jewish, Catholic or Protestant, to go back to being the church of the first century and for the Republican party to go back to being the radical Republicans.

Criminal religion and outlaw party. I LIKE that!

God save America. I am in the fight.

Sharon Faulkner


Blaming Bush is laughable

Regarding the Oct. 28 "Decision 2012" election section:

I found it interesting that the Curry County Democratic chairwoman mentions Bush's name six times, along with Obama's inheriting two wars from the former administration.

When are the Democrats going to stop blaming a former president for everything?

George W. Bush had his faults like everyone else. I'm sure the storm that hit the East Coast is his fault also.

It's just laughable.

Rusty Dowell


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