Clovis mayor deserves respect, too

Anne Coverston, in her letter to CNJ published Friday, makes some good points on why we should respect the president in office.

I also believe we need to approach the person holding office, even when we sharply disagree, with a better attitude.

We are not going to make progress as a nation if we cannot respect the office and work together.

Comments on the CNJ website show that many others believe that too.

If we should respect the president, then we also should respect the office of mayor as well, and for the same reasons.

I have come to realize that what is good for the president should be good for the mayor, too.

Our mayor, David Lansford, has been ignored to the point that there has only been one positive story written about him since he took office and that was about the food bank activity.

There have been none about his vision for the city, his struggles, his activities, his policies, his local successes.

Several city commissioners have shown a disdain for Lansford's opinion and his leadership. There has been a banding together against him on issues, even when it went against many in the business community.

Our former mayor does not respect him in his position and still shows up at city hall to give her opinions and direction there.

Clovis elected Lansford in a landslide. There was no voter apathy. The subsequent treatment of him is embarrassing.

If President Obama deserves respect, then so also does David Lansford deserve respect in his office as mayor.

The campaign is over. We all need to support our mayor and our president, regardless of our past loyalties.

When we disagree, we can work for common ground. That will benefit Clovis and the nation the most.

Carolyn Spence

High Plains Patriots vice president

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