Letter to the editor: Making wealthy pay more unfair

Regarding Anne M. Coverston's Nov. 16 letter to the editor ("President should be shown respect").

I respect much of what she said. But most Americans do not solve problems like Coverston and the president.

He wants succesful people to pay higher taxes to provide for those less fortunate. It's unfair to require the wealthy to pay more.

About 40 million people pay no taxes and cannot pay for their own health care. So, other wealthier people have to pay their part. I'm now paying more than $5,000 in taxes and $3,000 annually for my health insurance needs.

Everyone has a different level of life experience. Some are wealthy, some are poor. I don't feel that I'm wealthy. I feel I earned my lifestyle by paying my way.

Let me share my life.

At age 25, I signed a professional baseball contract with the New York Giants. I never showed up because Uncle Sam drafted me on Feb. 23, 1942.

I served until 1946.

Then I purchased a farm in Grier. My wife was raised on a Ranchvale farm. I married her on Oct. 8, 1943. We raised three children.

We sold the farm in 1960 and worked government Civil Service until 1979, retiring in California.

We returned to Clovis and have since enjoyed many great Americans in the Ranchvale and Clovis communities.

I am 96, a member of Parkland Baptist Church and of Gideon International. I'm also a member of the Men's Bible class that meets Sunday at the North Plains shopping center.

I'm a proud American, voting my solutions. I am not ignorant; I'm not a privileged upper-class patriot; I'm not a 2-year-old throwing tantrums.

I, too, was once a Democrat; now a Republican. I am an American trying to help solve America's problems.

Len Santi


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