Strangers’ kindness unforgettable

I would like to thank some very nice people for their acts of kindness.

On Nov. 4, my 9-year-old grandson and I were at a grocery store purchasing a cake for his birthday. While standing in line for checkout, the woman in front of us must have overheard me explaining to the clerk, who is an acquaintance of mine, that the cake was for my grandson's birthday.

The woman in front then turned to my grandson and told him "Happy birthday," and gave him $20.

I was shocked and he was so excited. All we could say was thank you. But, that is not the end.

The couple standing behind us said they wanted to give him a gift and purchased his cake for him. And, once again, all we could say was thank you.

My grandson and I have spent the past couple of weeks telling everyone how nice that experience was. It's wonderful to know and experience the gift of kindness.

This experience has definitely made a wonderful impression on us both.

To the giving strangers, thank you. Words cannot express our gratitude. They have taught my grandson so much about kindness.

Thank you,

Alice Gonzales


New Mexico too kind for me to leave

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the dramatically near future, I would like it known I don't ever want to leave this love nest that is New Mexico.

It has been so generous to me, so open and humble. It obviously has gratitude toward me.

How can I forget these things?

I love New Mexico and America.

Raymond Samora

Fort Sumner

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