Report: Uzi-type weapon pulled at party

Gun shots rang out Saturday in Clovis from a moving car shortly after police were called to Gayland Drive after a man allegedly pulled an Uzi-style weapon during a fight at a party, according to reports.

No one was arrested and police said the incident remains under investigation.

Reports indicate police received "numerous" calls of shots fired shortly after 4:30 p.m. in the neighborhood. One witness told police he heard "a few loud bangs." One officer reported he was told a small silver car was driving up and down Gayland and Echols.

The witness told police as the car passed some apartments in the area, he heard the loud noises but didn't witness the noises coming from the vehicle.

Police said about an hour earlier, they were called to a "public affray" where witnesses said a man pulled an Uzi-style hand gun during a fight, then fled.

Reports said police responding to the calls for shots fired found an unspent round of 9mm ammunition in the parking lot of the 21st St. Church of Christ near the apartments on Gayland.

Another officer found several spend 9mm "evenly spaced" rounds down the middle of Echols Street just west of the church.

A utility worker repairing a gas meter smashed by party-goers leaving the first incident said he was kneeling on the ground to make repairs when he heard a gunshot coming from Echols. He told police he stayed low to the ground because he heard several more shots, then saw a small, dark-colored car, possibly a Honda, driving away south on Echols.

The worker told police he believed the gunshots came from the car.

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