Graduation issue needs to be fixed

I don't work for Clovis schools, so job loss or reprimand for speaking out is not a fear as expressed to me by many Clovis educators.

The board and administration messed up by scheduling graduation during state-sponsored sports events.

Maybe they were unaware. If so, they should fix it for our students.

It's ridiculous to think Clovis citizens are naïve as to believe if this involved the superintendent's or board members' kids, graduation wouldn't be moved. It would be.

The board ridiculously voted 3-2 the student-athletes can graduate with Choices Alternative School. Our kids did not attend Choices. If they had, they would proudly graduate with their classmates from Choices. Our kids attended CHS.

Graduation recognizes and celebrates an accomplishment with peers and teachers. Students choosing to represent Clovis in state competition will not get to do this.

Superintendent Terry Myers promotes the motto of "Every Child Every Time." Mottos are empty words if not practiced, whether it's convenient or not.

You would be hard pressed to convince families impacted by the graduation date that it's truly "Every Child Every Time."

Our kids are no more special than any graduating senior. We simply want them to have the same graduation opportunity.

David Pierce missed the point when commenting there will always be a conflict with 500 students involved. This is not a personal or family conflict. These are school- and state-sponsored events. Moving graduation to Sunday afternoon would allow our kids to compete Saturday, plus attend morning and evening church services.

Students will learn that life is not always fair. Move on and do your best. As for mottos, I have one also: "Don't pour water down my back and tell me it's raining."

JD Isler


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