Department gives thanks in time of need

The Portales Fire Department family would like to express a sincere thank you to those agencies and individuals who provided coverage of our station and assisted during the service of our beloved brother and friend Rick McNally.

Thank you to the Emmanuel Baptist Church, those who sent food, flowers and cards, and for your kind words, prayers and support during this difficult time.

God bless our community and brothers in service.

Gary Nuckols

Portales fire chief

Weighing same-sex marriage important

Some considerations for traditional only marriage:

  • Politicians, including the Clintons, were against same-sex marriage less than 10 years ago, but now support it. Why the change?
  • Polls show acceptance of same-sex marriage growing. What's changing?
  • Many homosexuals living together find same-sex marriage distracting to their privacy.
  • Pushing same-sex marriage is highly offensive to Islamic nations increasing animosity.
  • Same-sex marriage in the military will demoralize and conflict our military chaplains. How has our military managed until now without same-sex marriage?
  • States approving same-sex marriage (with constant media coverage) embarrasses and confuses children, causing divisiveness and tension where there was none. Children defending traditional marriages will be demeaned and labeled intolerant or homophobic.
  • Homosexuality goes back to the ancients, but history demonstrates that as homosexuality becomes more openly accepted, it spelled a cultural collapse. (i.e. Sodom, unfaithful Israel, Greece, Rome, etc.)
  • Main purpose of marriage is procreating the human race, to establish a balanced institution to raise young human beings. The same-sex agenda marriage undermines this universal concept of family.
  • God created the natural laws of procreation, establishing marriage for the good of man, woman and children. His Scriptural principles condemn homosexuality. Why? Yet God who is love is ready to forgive and make penitents "a new creation" through Christ Jesus.

Scott Blazek


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