Cold weather plunges into High Plains

Unless you were alive during the Great Depression, today might be the first time you've seen snow in May in the Clovis and Portales area.

According to the National Weather Service's projected forecast, there is a 40 percent chance or rain and snow early this morning that may carry on until 11 a.m.

The last time it snowed in the area in May was 1935, when 2.4 inches of the white stuff was recorded on May 5, according to weather service meteorologist Todd Shoemake.

But even if it doesn't snow, forecasts call for a high temperature of 49 degrees, quite a change from a balmy and much more spring-like 92 degrees on Tuesday.

"I wouldn't be surprised if there would be a flake or two in the air, but it's going to be a windy and cold day," said Accuweather Meteorologist Dave Samuhel.

According to Accuweather's projected forecast, the overnight low Thursday (actually Friday morning) will be 28 degrees, which be close to the record low for May 3 of 27 degrees set in 1954.

Samuhel predicts winds will be strong today, gusting to 55 mph, which will make it less likely that in the event snow does fall, it would stay around long.

Samuhel blames the plunge in temperature to pressure system that's been traveling down the plains states.

"It's a straight shot from Canada," Samuhel said. "The high pressure that was in Canada is headed straight down the plains. Some states are even seeing snow such as in Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas."

He says although cold weather isn't likely in May, there's always a possibility of it.

"It sure has happened, but your average high temperature is 76 degrees," Samuhel said. "It will be almost 33 degrees below that (today)."

The daytime high is expected to climb to the low 70s by Sunday.

"That looks like that's it for the cold air, then it should warm up by the weekend," Samuhel said.

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