Business feature: Aucutt’s Paint Store celebrates 75 years

Bob Aucutt began working at Aucutt's Paint Store, which was then G.C. Williams paint store, in 1961, when he was still in high school

CNJ staff photo: Kevin Baird

Bob Aucutt, left, and owner Tisha Brothers, center, provide customer service to Joan Hultman, who is getting paint to matched to a gray quilt. Hultman is an interior designer.

He remembers riding his bike to the Foxy Drive-in, picking up the glass containers used for soda syrups, and bringing them back to the paint store. He would wash the glass containers and fill them with paint thinner.

He said a lot has changed since then, but the paint store's success and family ownership have been constant.

This week Aucutt's Paint Store will be celebrating its 75th anniversary with a customer appreciation sale as well door prizes.

Bob Aucutt said he is particularly proud of the fact that ownership has been able to stay in the family for five generations.

Aucutt's began as G.C. Williams in 1938 before changing ownership to Williams' son Allen. He ran the store until 1968 when he sold the store to his daughter Billie Aucutt and her husband Bill. They changed to Aucutt's to avoid confusion with the Sherwin-Williams paint company. From 1995 to 2001 Bob owned the store before he sold it to his daughter and current owner, Tisha Brothers.

"I can't tell you how many family employees Aucutt's has had," Bob said. "There have been at least 40."

"We like seeing our grandchildren growing up and being involved with it," Billie Aucutt said.

Bob Aucutt said he is a little sad though because he is certain the business won't stay in the family after Brothers' ownership.

Aside from family ownership, another consistent aspect of business at Aucutt's has been change, according to Bob Aucutt.

"Allen Williams sold picture frames and sanded wood floors such as the ballroom at the Hotel Clovis," he said.

About 40 years ago, he said, Aucutt's added a custom spray paint service to their line of products and they continue offering the service. He said about 15 years ago they started selling window treatments such as wood blinds and window shutters.

Aucutt's is also in their fourth location.

"If it was physically possible to pick up our store and drop it in any city we would stay competitive," Bob said. He said this because staff are trained to be knowledgeable about all the products, they stay current with market trends, attend trade shows, and offer the three major types of paint: House paints, industrial coatings, and automotive paints. He said most paint shops won't offer those kinds of paint.

Bob Aucutt, who now works as an outside salesman at Aucutt's, and plans on retiring when he turns 70 in a couple years.

"I've loved every minute of it," Bob said.


Aucutt's Paint Store in conjunction with Clovis/Curry Chamber of Commerce will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony at 11 a.m. Wednesday at the paint store.

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