Local area needs xeriscape information

Every water bill I receive has an appeal to conserve water.

I just saw a full page ad explaining the need and how we homeowners should respond.

From what I read I need to xeriscape my yard, at least partially.

The question is: where to get quality information for our local area?

There are books for all sorts of desert and semi-desert areas. Virtually nothing for our area.

The plants for low water are not promoted here. The procedures/layouts for xeriscaping are not apparent.

I would like our city and or water company to take on the project of giving detailed information for home owners to use.

We don't seem to mind spending hundreds of millions to expand supplies, but these are finite anyway.

Harold Wuest

Let's give credit where credit is due

In the Thursday edition of the Clovis News Journal, Kevin Baird wrote a nice article about the median beautification project the county is working on.

However, we need to give credit where credit is due.

Darryl Baldwin is the Curry County grants administrator. He was responsible for the success of this project from start to finish. All we volunteers did was follow his instructions.

George Krattiger

City officials to be held accountable

It was almost refreshing to see an editorial call someone to task on the BHSI scandal. I say almost because, unfortunately, the CNJ still did not call the city to task.

It was not the Clovis Industrial Development Corp., that gave money to Brian Sperber in the name of economic development, but rather the city of Clovis. It was done by ordinance, and it took a vote of the City Commission.

The CIDC only does the ground work and negotiations to find a venture willing to come to Clovis.

Clovis was the city eager to give its money to someone with promises of jobs at an opportune time. This was not CIDC money and it may be that even the ground work was not done by the CIDC in its usual manner. That is why the public needs the truth on how we got involved in this rotten deal.

The money lost is money belonging to the public, the citizens of Clovis. The city owes us an accounting and the truth on how this money was thrown away. The right people need to be held accountable.

Carolyn Spence
President, High Plains Patriots

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