Meetings watch – June 5

Curry County Commission The Curry County commissioners met at the North Annex of the Clovis Carver Library on Tuesday and took the following actions: An ordinance was approved that will prohibit the importation and relocation of dangerous and nuisance animals into or within Curry County. Prairie dogs and feral hogs are on the list of […]

County, Tres Amigas reach agreement

Curry County commissioners approved a non-exclusive franchise agreement with Tres Amigas LLC on Tuesday at the county commission meeting. The agreement will allow Tres Amigas to use the county's right of way so they can install towers for their electrical transmission lines. Tres Amigas plans on uniting the nations three main power grids by building […]

Officials encourage prairie chicken feedback

More than 100 eastern New Mexico residents packed the North Annex of the Clovis-Carver Library Tuesday to get educated about the lesser prairie chicken and what it means to the region. The bird is native to New Mexico, as well as four other states, and has been identified by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service […]

Police blotter – June 5

Here is a sampling of police, sheriff and fire calls for: Tuesday Caller reported: 2:57 a.m.: Criminal damage, 800 block of Mitchell Street. 6:27 a.m.: Criminal damage, 4000 block of North Prince Street. 9:10 a.m.: Burglary, 700 block of West 21st Street. 9:11 a.m.: Articles found or lost, 1800 block of Axtell Street. 9:13 a.m.: […]

What’s happening – June 5

Today Art show — 2 p.m.-4 p.m., 4701 N. Prince St., Wheatfields Senior Living Community. Live music by members of the Clovis-Portales Community Orchestra. Free Event. Information: 762-8700. CUB Scout Day Camp — 3 p.m.-8:30 p.m., Ned Houk Park, Clovis. Cost $75. All transportation is provided by parent. Contact Kimmie Davis, Camp Director at 799-8111. […]

Hard pressed to set plot spoiler rule

Even though we don't talk at the water cooler, we have what you'd call water cooler talks. Funny stories from work, funny stories from home, and really funny stories that were written by someone else. In the days of "Seinfeld," the staple of a show's success was the water cooler talk it generated the next […]

Trust in officials to spend wisely seems in doubt

Curry County Sheriff Matt Murray has received a pay increase of sorts. County officials don't call it that, however; they call it an "agreement for consulting services." Whatever the spin, the bottom line is county commissioners last month agreed to pay Murray $3,000 more a month — up to $36,000 a year — for "responsibilities […]

Dry dead spirits make me sadder than bone-dry ground

It's hard to believe that we've just blown past another Memorial Day! — Tempus fugit! — Time flies! But since the past decade's years clicked by like stripes on a runway, I shouldn't be surprised at the rate time fugits. My wife and I set out plants on Memorial Day. We figure that even though […]

Genuine happiness worth some genuine sacrifices

"Happiness is worth a lot to me," a good friend, colleague, and mentor of mine once told his boss as he made a decision that would lead to his leaving the company. "Well, so what? Isn't happiness worth a lot to everybody?" his boss replied. "No," my friend replied truthfully and I think with unusual […]

Press release: Annual food drive nets 7 tons of food

Clovis postal carriers collected over 7 tons of food during the 2013 Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. During the annual drive, food left curbside by residents was collected from the Clovis, Cannon, Texico and Melrose communities. The food drive began May 11 and food donations were continuously collected in the weeks that followed. All food […]