Bryant reappointed to water authority after mayor refuses position

By Kevin Wilson


The Eastern New Mexico Water Utility Authority will not add Clovis Mayor David Lansford to its fold, after all.

Two weeks after Clovis City Commissioner Chris Bryant offered to resign his post on the authority to allow Lansford to serve in his place, he was reappointed after Lansford refused the opportunity.

Two weeks prior, the city commission had the task of appointing two Clovis residents to serve in the authority and take over the expired terms of Commissioner Juan Garza and former Clovis Mayor Gayla Brumfield.

Both were eligible for reappointment and had indicated interest in serving again. Lansford did as well, but told commissioners during the meeting he would not replace Juan Garza because he believed the authority should be represented by elected officials.

There was a stalemate as commissioners wanted to appoint Lansford, but didn’t want to remove Brumfield after they felt she had a successful tenure chairing the authority.

That stalemate was broken when Bryant offered to resign his post, allowing the commission to appoint Brumfield and Garza that night and later appoint Lansford.

Bryant resigned his position, but Lansford had other plans.

“It was never my intention to replace either of them,” Lansford said in reference to Garza and Bryant. “It is still not my intention to replace either of them.”

Mayor Pro Tem Len Vohs asked Lansford to reconsider, and noted that he voted to appoint Brumfield and Garza on the belief that Lansford would later be appointed.

Lansford and Bryant said they had a conversation prior to the meeting, and came away with the understanding Bryant would be willing to serve out his term again if no other commissioner sought it.

Bryant said he supported the mayor’s decision, and the vote was 7-0 with Bryant abstaining.