Our people: Fair royalty

Stephanie Bailey: Courtesy photo Stephanie Bailey was the 2013 New Mexico State Fair queen.

Stephanie Bailey: Courtesy photo
Stephanie Bailey was the 2013 New Mexico State Fair queen.

By Kevin Baird
CNJ staff writer

Stephanie Bailey spent the last year as the 2013 New Mexico State Fair Queen. She was crowned in September 2012.

She was the first state fair queen from Curry County since 2005.

Born in Lubbock, is the second child in a family of six. She graduated from Texico High School and played basketball at Eastern New Mexico University before transferring to Southern Nazarene University, where she studied equine business.

Bailey lives in Clovis and sells Mary Kay cosmetics and works on her parents farm as a bookkeeper and farm hand.

If you could have a perfect day, what would it entail?

It would definitely be a Sunday in the fall where it’s warm in the day and cool in the evening. Getting to sleep in a little and going to church, then a big Sunday family lunch at grandma’s house with a nap to follow. Taking an afternoon ride and finishing it up with family and friends watching a hallmark movie or two.

You lived in Oklahoma. What was that like?

iving on the dry flat eastern plains all my life, Oklahoma was the very opposite. The rolling hills, thick trees and brush, and humid climate. It was new to me to see so many trees and I always wondered what was behind them — more trees.


What is the best food at the state fair?

In my opinion, I always look forward to the Indian tacos and the Tom Tom mini donuts, but this year I discovered fried black cherry Kool-Aid pickle chips — very interesting.

How many cowboy hats do you have?

I have six felt cowboy hats: Two white, two brown, one black and one silver.

Any advice for future state fair queens?

To always carry a knife, screwdriver and toupee tape to use for gaping shirts, to hold a sash in place, or even to keep your hat from blowing off.

What is the best vacation you have ever taken?

Wisconsin. Took a summer vacation to Lake Geneva where we spent a day on the lake taking lessons from dad how not to do a back flip. Took a drive to Chicago to watch a baseball game at Wrigley Field, looked out the top of the Sears Tower. We drove to Grand Detour, Ill., where the first John Deere plow was invented and made, and also saw a live musical of “Noah and the Ark” in Branson Mo. It was an incredible trip.

Have you watched any good movies lately?

“Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters.” I loved the message the movie portrayed that everyone is a hero and can be a hero if they have belief in themselves.

What is your dream?

One day I do dream of a family of my own and raising horses with the intent of opening it up to others who want to ride, but might not have the means or resources to do so.

Do you prefer cowboy boots or tennis shoes?

Well just to help paint a picture, in my closet I have just about as many pairs of cowboy boots as most girls have high heals, at least one in every color.

What will you be for Halloween?

Annie Oakley.