Progress won’t benefit everyone

We are bombarded by information every day that is supposed to be factual and coming from very important people but does not stand up to scrutiny.

Some conservative outlets were talking about sticker shock on insurance premiums under the Affordable Care Act; they were comparing average insurance rates under ACA to current insurance rates for a few young, healthy people with bare bones insurance.

Flood insurance in Phoenix is a lot cheaper than flood insurance in Florida.

The Heritage Foundation said 57 percent of the country wanted ACA defunded. The Kaiser Foundation survey found 57 percent did not want the ACA defunded. The Heritage Foundation was established to promote conservative ideology. The Heritage Foundation said it used a different survey.

Some gospel we hear from conservatives: “Obama has exploded our budget deficit.”

Fact: In 2009 our budget deficit was $1.4 trillion, mostly inherited from Bush, to what is estimated by the Congressional Budget Office to be $642 billion this year.

Since 2009, government spending has grown at an annual rate of 1.4 percent, considerably lower than Bush’s second term of 8.1 percent, Reagan’s 4.9 percent and Clinton’s 3.9 percent.

The Tea Party keeps yelling “spending is out of control, shut down the government.” The sad and tragic part of this is so many people do not know the facts and believe this.

The CBO projects the ACA will contribute to shrinking the deficit.  There has been a colossal foul up in establishing the websites, the fault  of 50-plus private contractors and failure of government oversight. The ACA itself is not at fault. California’s website is doing fine as well as some other states’. Millions of people will benefit from the ACA, a few will not. Progress does that.

A Harvard economics historian said “Never underestimate the difficulty of changing false ideology with facts.”

Leon Logan