Many educators behind one show

With a high school senior in the house, this has been a season for our family to reflect on the people who have been part of our daughter’s life.

In at least seven cases, they have been music educators.

I won’t make a broad sweeping statement that there are no bad music educators, but she’s yet to meet one.

At Eastern New Mexico University’s annual Holiday Concert on Friday night (back-to-back free performances at 6:30 and 8 p.m. in the University Theater Center), my favorite alto will be one of 91 University Singers sharing stage time with 70 members of the ENMU Wind Symphony and 25 young voices of the Eastern New Mexico Children’s Choir.

I can’t help but think about the hundreds of music educators who are behind this production.

Besides the 19 faculty and staff listed for the ENMU School of Music (nearly all of whom have a hand in this production), there are elementary music teachers, junior high band directors, high school choir conductors, private music instructors in all fields — a cavalry of music warriors who have encouraged, threatened, cajoled and cheered these students through the years.

For the 186 musicians performing Friday night, visualize at least a thousand music educators who lifted them to this level.

Hats off this week to the men and women who keep music alive in our schools.

After 39 years of hindsight, Betty Williamson is willing to concede that her junior high piano teacher probably wasn’t evil after all. You may reach her at: