View from under the pew — Gary Mitchell

Editor’s note: Amos is a churchmouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboard, but he can’t operate the capital shift, and he shuns punctuation marks – except hyphens and dashes.

amos the irresolute

boss in light of pastor

leroy beetle s sermon

on making resolutions

Amos the Church Mouse Illustrated by Gary Mitchell

Amos the Church Mouse
Illustrated by Gary Mitchell

i have decided not to

make any resolutions

this year

besides whenever i do

make any resolutions

the only thing i seem

to be able to accomplish

with any success is to

succeed at failing to

keep any of them

in fact the stronger

the resolution the

quicker the failure

therefore this year i

resolve not to make

any resolutions

instead i plan to

give up

so boss here s my list

of what i hope to give up

in two thousand fourteen

give up grumbling –

and instead do first

thessalonians five-eighteen

in everything give thanks

give up ten-to-fifteen

minutes in bed

instead use that time in

prayer – prayer virgil the

praying mantis would be

proud of me boss

give up looking at other

creatures worst points

and instead concentrate

on their good ones –

that ll be tough with

marcellus the cat bertie

woeworm and grumpy


give up speaking unkindly

and instead let my words

be gentle uplifting and

understanding – we both

know how that works out

sometimes don t we boss

give up my worries –

instead trust god with

them – just between you

and me boss i worry

about that one

give up hatred or dislike

of anyone – and learn to

love them instead –

this one may take a

little extra work boss

do you think we could

make an exception

for marcellus that

nasty old ugly cat –

i think i just broke

two of my give-ups

right then boss

give up that fear that

keeps my voice silent

when i should talk

about the lord – and

instead seek the courage

to speak of my faith to

my fellow creatures –

i don t suppose that

kind of courage would

come in a cheese-flavored

tablet or capsule form

would it

give up spending so much

time watching t v –

and instead use that time

to study god s word

give up wasteful spending

habits for things i really

don t need – and instead

give that money to god s

work or to someone

in need

give up judging others

by appearances or by the

world s standards –

instead seek the mind

and heart of christ

boss in looking back over

these i don t think i can

even give-up properly –

one thing is certain –

i know i can t do it in

my own strength or

with my mousy little

will power

i guess boss it s like

pastor leroy says –

before you can give up

anything you have to

learn to give up yourself

to god in the first place

then the rest of it s

easy right boss