Editor’s Desk: Main Street sparks good memories

Clovis native Milburn Moore, 78, writes a blog — http://milmoore.blogspot.com/ — and often features memories of his hometown.

As the city revs up for a reminiscent night of “dragging Main” this Saturday night, here’s a sampling of downtown memories from Moore’s blog readers:

• During part of World War II, we lived in the 100 block on Sheldon Street. Tom, Marie, and I would get to go the Mesa Theater for 10 cents apiece. We would walk down First Street, watch the movie, and on the way home we would go to the hotel and ride the elevator. That was a great thrill for us at that time.
Then before we left to go back home, we sometimes went over to the Coney Island Cafe. If we didn’t have the money to eat, we often stopped in and just asked for a glass of water. For some reason that was the best tasting water we ever had.

— Albin Covington, Clovis High Class of 1951

• We all remember the old hotel and Main Street, which it guarded so faithfully. Dragging Main was something I often thought I didn’t get my share of because I was employed by Safeway and all employees worked well into the night on Saturdays. Here I was, swinging a mop up and down those long aisles while everyone else was dragging Main.

It wasn’t all bad because the best thing that happened in my life was when I was dragging Main one Friday night. I spotted a beautiful girl by the name of Wanda King standing in front of Standridge Drug. I circled the block and asked her to get into my old car. She did and that was the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship that lasted over 61 years.

— Art Snipes, CHS Class of ’51

(More to come on Friday.)

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