Amos the churchmouse: Jesus the same

Editor’s note: Amos is a churchmouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboard, but he can’t operate the capital shift keys, and he shuns punctuation marks – except dashes and hyphens.

jesus the same
boss i ran across carrie
chameleon the other day
she was busy transforming
herself to look like green
grass then a pink rock and
finally the brown road

the changes she underwent
amazed me boss but it
caused me to reflect on the
state of the church pew

there may be a number of
folks who don t believe this
is a century of progress
but no one will deny that
it s a century of change

we ve all heard the cynical
bugs remark – nothing is
permanent except change –

change is everywhere evident
i ve noticed boss that a
week-old newspaper
is as out of date as a
month-old newspaper was
50 years ago

can you imagine the plight
of my friend ziggy the
waterbug who s a
current-events lecturer
question mark here boss

by the time he has prepared
his speech and found
somewhere to deliver it –
such as the rotary bugs
club – most of his current
events will have already begun
to breathe the fragrance
of lavender and old lace

in such a breath-taking age
boss mice and men alike
look here and there for a
point of permanence

some rely on financial
investments but money

stocks bonds and even gold
seem to have an uncanny
knack these days for
unpredictable roller-coaster
rides – and often set records
for quick getaways

others seek to endure through
fame honors and position
but bricks often follow
bouquets and the famous
are soon the forgotten

some rely on friends but
too many friends – like
shadows – follow only in
sunny weather and even the
best must sometime be
called away

how very aware we are that
things don t stay the same

since all of this is true boss
it has come as a tremendous
relief to us in the church
pew underworld to be able
to turn from these ever-
changing scenes to a
straightforward rock-solid
phrase in hebrews thirteen
verse eight – jesus christ
the same yesterday today
and forever

he s the same – no matter
where we are – no matter
where we go – no matter
what our circumstances
no matter what we do
he s always there and
he s always the same

when hearts are faint and
weary this same jesus
speaks gentle rest to those
who come and lean on him

he is our joy our strength
our peace our life and
he is always the same
yesterday today and