Food director thanks contributors

The Food Bank of Eastern New Mexico is celebrating the success of our most recent food drive "Stuff Nancy's Truck" in which communities donated over 8,000 pounds of food and more than $500. Our food drive was also an opportunity to celebrate "Food Bank of Eastern New Mexico Day." An event like this is only […]

Letters to the editor: Base honor guard deserves thanks

I would like to share this concerning the men and women of Cannon Air Force Base who volunteer for funeral duty. On Oct. 27, the family and friends of Chief Master Sgt. Antonio Soccio Jr. gathered in the Farwell cemetery to lay an American soldier to rest. On arrival to the grounds, the CAFB honor […]

Vote to support quality health care

I am writing this letter to inform the public about problems we have with health care in this country. I recently had back surgery. Before the surgery, I encountered the following issues with my insurance company: Three days before my surgery, the insurance company declined the surgery. When asked why, they stated that according to […]

Support Bond B for libraries

As president of the Friends of the Portales Public Library president, I would like to encourage local voters to support General Obligation Bond B on the general election ballot. GO Bond B will provide money to support all of the libraries in Roosevelt County, including the Portales Public Library, Eastern New Mexico University's Golden Library, […]

GOP to blame for economic issue

Let's look at talking points vs. facts: Deficit — The deficit is composed primarily of tax cuts for the rich, two wars paid for by borrowing, a recession brought on by deregulation of the financial industry and non-enforcement of remaining regulations. The consensus of opinion of non-partisan experts is that longterm the deficit has to […]

Letters to the editor: Voting matters despite prediction

The fact that everyone has written off the state of New Mexico as a blue state infuriates me. By doing this, they are telling New Mexicans their vote is unimportant because the outcome has already been decided. I am afraid many people will feel it is useless to go to the polls. I don't believe […]

Commissioner: he’s no ‘yes’ man

Regarding the Sept. 23 CNJ editorial "Commissioner should put end to grudge match:" I was elected to serve the people of Curry County in the best way possible, not to be a "yes" man to the county manager. However, if we as commissioners are stonewalled by the county manager from getting information or answers of […]

Freezing paper money could stop drug issues

I am urging the federal government to bring an end to the drug problem in our nation. The present solution is not working. I believe I have a good suggestion: If only the federal government would freeze all American money for a specified amount of time, issuing everyone some type of credit card to conduct […]

Christian people must stand up

I am perplexed about something. Our America was founded on Christian principles. This land was populated by people wanting religious freedom. The term "separation of church and state" means the government will not force the people to any certain religion, nor will it keep anyone from practicing the faith of their choice. Now, however, all […]

Public Prayer, worth the fight

I would simply thank you for Karl Terry's "Parents should lead prayers," column on Sunday, but his turnaround near the end bothers me. First, he says the devil hasn't won in the matter of the ban on coach-led prayer in Portales' city league. Later, he slacks off by saying the Bible tells us to submit […]