July 13, 2008 Letters to the Editor

Community makes show possible The Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays, and I love spending it in Clovis with my family and friends. We have made a tradition out of going to Greene Acres Park for the Smoke on the Water celebration. Smoke on the Water has everything that a […]

July 6, 2008 Letters to the Editor

Use of money individual’s choice Just when I think I’ve heard all the nanny state liberal gibberish there is to hear, I read the letter from Gene Bundy in the June 29 CNJ regarding the recent tax rebate. (“Instead of spending try donating”) These people are never satisfied to mind their own business and do […]

June 29, 2008 Letters to the Editor

Instead of spending try donating Have you received a rebate check? Are you wondering what to do with it?

Keep students’ success in mind

By Sandi Fullerton: CNJ guest columnist In regard to the recent controversy and negative publicity concerning Clovis High School, please consider the following facts: 1. 2008 senior class — received $3.1 million in scholarships. 2. ROTC unit received the Distinguished Unit Award from Air Force headquarters for performing more than 3,500 hours of community service. […]

VA struggles to meet patient needs

VA struggles to meet patient needs Veterans’ medical facilities in our region are completely overloaded and administrators are lax in hiring enough qualified personnel and keeping on top of ongoing problems. When it takes two to three months for an appointment and you are ill, that is too long — especially when you have to […]

What did superintendent mean?

Teachers need district’s support I am a classroom teacher in Roswell and I used to teach in Clovis. I am writing to respond to insensitive comments made by

Letters to the Editor: Annual staff protected by freedom

Annual staff protected by freedom I was glad to read the column by Kevin Wilson — “Clovisites ignore bigger picture — in Wednesday’s

Students lacked proper supervision

By Walter Bradley: CNJ guest columnist Remember the game of telling someone a story and they tell 10 more people … and the last person tells a different story? That’s what’s happened with the recent school yearbook issue in Clovis.

Nothing can change annual now

Editor’s note: These letters have been edited for space considerations. They reference photos of gay couples in the Clovis High School yearbook. I for one am ready to stop talking about this whole Clovis High School yearbook controversy. The yearbook has already been published, paid for, delivered to the students and there is nothing more […]

Letters to the Editor: Religious beliefs at heart of issue