Yearbook draws mixed reactions

Editor’s note: Most of these letters have been edited for space considerations. They reference photos of gay couples in the Clovis High School yearbook. More letters are scheduled for publication on Sunday. Couples don’t belong in school yearbook I have been observing the “couples in the yearbook”

Debate over school annual continues

By having gay couples in this year’s Clovis High School yearbook I believe yearbook staff members Jessie Hardison and Maggie Chavez have tried to bring the city of Clovis into the 21st Century. The fact that some residents and business owners are threatening to pull advertising and support for the schools shows just how behind […]

May 25, 2008 Letters to the Editor

Gays also part of our community Regarding Friday’s CNJ report on the Clovis High School yearbook staff including gays in its couples feature section: Why are so many people upset over the pictures of gay people in the yearbook?

May 16, 2008 Letters to the Editor

Pearce best choice for U.S. Senate

May 11, 2008 Letters to the Editor

Newest campus deemed a success Clovis’ Freshman Campus has been a success.

May 4, 2008 Letters to the Editor

Editor’s note: The Clovis News Journal will periodically publish thank-you letters of public interest. Letters should be less than 300 words and the writer must be identified. Writers should include telephone numbers and addresses for verification purposes. Letters may be edited for clarity, content and space considerations. Names of for-profit businesses may be deleted prior […]

April 27, 2008 Letters to the Editor

Bush has our nation in disarray

April 20, 2008 Letters to the Editor

Intersection yield sign problematic

April 13, 2008 Letters to the Editor

Imperative that both parties exist

April 6, 2008 Letters to the Editor

Golf enthusiasts encouraged to act Are we going to stand by as the Clovis Municipal Golf Course is abused? Golfers need to get involved. The building is in disrepair, needs painting and the roof leaks. The irrigation system is not effective. The equipment is outdated. The labor force is too small.• Why? There is no […]