Letters to the editor: Public prayer Constitutional right

I take issue with Friday's editorial headlined "Respect for all result of prayer decision." Not allowing any group of Christians the right to pray is a violation of the freedom of religion clause of the First Amendment, which reads: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." […]

Letters to the editor: Reader supports Amtrak route through Clovis

Regarding the Amtrak story in Saturday's CNJ: Rerouting the Southwest Chief through Clovis is a distinct possibility. New Mexico owns the tracks from Belen north to the New Mexico border, although the governor is trying to get money back for tracks not used by the Railrunner. Burlington Northern Santa Fe rarely uses the line. Virtually […]

Letters to the editor: Road closure burdens landowners

I attended the Aug. 21 meeting at which Curry County commissioners voted to close Curry Road R just west of Cannon Air Force Base. Among the reasons cited for closing the road were security and safety. Since the existence of Cannon Air Force Base, formerly known as Clovis Army Air Field, how many accidents on […]

Letter to the editor: Thankful for years spent in Clovis

Thank you, Clovis, for 40 wonderful years. We will soon be leaving to be near our grandchildren in California. The Air Force brought us here to be assigned to Cannon. We have always lived in town and our boys attended the schools and received a very good education. They were involved in sports, church and […]

Letter to the: Health care individual’s responsibility

Glenda Bly of Farwell submitted this letter to the editor to the Clovis News Journal on expanding Medicaid. The same article she references ran in the PNT. My head has finally stopped spinning long enough to comment on the latest example of the plethora of insanity that starts in Santa Fe and plagues all of […]

Letters to the editor: Health care up to individual

Health care up to individual My head has finally stopped spinning long enough to comment on the latest example of the plethora of insanity that starts in Santa Fe and plagues all of New Mexico. I refer to the article in last Wednesday's CNJ — "Advocates push to expand Medicaid" — in a state with […]

Letters to the editor: Health Care Act not suited for U.S.

Health Care Act not suited for U.S. In his Thursday letter — "Old health care system was not working" — Leon Logan insinuates the Heritage Foundation backs the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It does not. Among cons their analysts cite: ACA adds 35 million Medicaid clients, increasing the federal deficit. CBO estimates a $1.2 trillion […]

Jan Hus should be remembered

July 6, 1415, was a sad day in the history of the church, when a dedicated pastor in Prague (who was committed to God's Word and sharing it with his people) was condemned by both church and state and burned at the stake as a heretic. Before he died, he said, "You may cook this […]

Their view: Still time to curb carbon dioxide pollution

Shaye Wolf, climate science director for the Center for Biological Diversity, warns time is running out to get carbon dioxide pollution under control in a letter to the editor. As a scientist and a mom, I am horrified that carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere just hit a record high. Arctic monitoring stations are reporting […]

Letters to the editor: Probation ends in vicious cycle

Probation ends in vicious cycle Wednesday's Clovis News Journal article on murder suspect Jimmy Reagan's criminal history paints an excellent example of our judicial system today: Plea bargain almost every case, and put the offender on probation. This is not working. One person is dead, and the cycle goes on and on. These offenders serve […]