Use extreme adjectives wisely

By Robert Arrowsmith Publisher For those of you that came to the open houses in each market over the past two weeks, thank you for stopping by and it was a pleasure to meet you. For those who would still like to stop by and meet me or one of the other department heads, or […]

Balderas already delivering on promises

Attorney General-elect Hector Balderas isn’t wasting any time — his transition website is up and running ( so that come Jan. 1, the new attorney general will be ready to get to work. Constituents are being invited to send in concerns — that’s important, considering that several of Balderas’ best investigations as state auditor came […]

Politics muddy global warming debate

Politics muddy weather debate By Tom McDonald State columnist Seems you can’t even talk about the weather without stirring up some politics these days. You know the conversation: It’s often borne out of an awkward silence between two or more people, when somebody says something like, “Some weather we’re having, huh?” It’s generally a noncontroversial […]

NM senators wrong to block pipeline project

Pandering to their environmental activist base, 59 Senate Democrats, including Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich, have again declared war on American jobs and rejected a boost to the U.S. economy and another step toward energy independence by blocking congressional approval of the $5.3 billion Keystone XL pipeline project. The proposed nearly 1,200-mile pipeline would carry […]

Plenty for which to be thankful

By Wendel Sloan Local columnist During Thanksgiving, which originated with illegal immigrants celebrating fall harvests with Native Americans until the pale-faces wore out their welcome with entitlement claims, I am thankful for friends daring to post: • “If you weren’t shot in the face for calling your president a ‘Marxist Dictator’ — then he’s probably […]

Slow start puts spaceport at risk

One anchor does not a busy shopping mall make. Spaceport America, reeling from the tragic crash of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo rocket in the Mojave desert, is learning that depending on one major tenant isn’t a solid business plan. In fact, it’s discouraging to learn that Spaceport management is only now putting together a marketing plan […]

Justice system should not be monopoly

By Kent McManigal Local columnist A horrific local crime has again shown the folly of allowing a monopoly on providing the service of justice — a monopoly that arose, not by providing a superior service no one could beat, but imposed through destructive laws. A monopoly in the free market, even one that provides an […]

Internet foils revisionist history

By Rube Render Local columnist Anyone following the epic saga of Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obama Care, has to be amazed at the number of videos that demonstrate Gruber’s disdain for the average American voter. He is obviously a believer in H.L. Mencken’s dictum, “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the […]

Pay attention to road signs, drivers

By Robert Arrowsmith Publisher This past week I have been reintroduced to driving in the south under, let’s just say, less than ideal circumstances. In a word: ugh. I have had one issue for some time going on before the weather of this past week even hit. Too many people do not know how to […]

New invention for rural roads shows promise

Now here is an invention that will improve lives — a product that can help reduce ruts and wear on dirt roads that crisscross this rural state of ours. As The (Santa Fe) New Mexican’s Anne Constable reported last week, former real estate agent Bob Sherwin has worked for years to find a product that […]

Taekwon-do may be answer to world peace

By Wendel Sloan Local columnist Portales resident Steve Blakeley, whom I’ve known since our softball, basketball and tennis competitions began in 1982, thinks etiquette taught in taekwon-do could make the world a kinder, gentler place. Tae (foot or leg) kwon (fist or fight) do (way or discipline), a Korean martial art using kicks, strikes and […]

Politics necessary part of governing

By Tom McDonald State columnist Now that all the noise of the election is over, can we turn our attention back to governing? We’ll soon see how Susana Martinez intends to run things in her second term. She certainly has a different dynamic going for her legislatively, now that the House is under the control […]

Editorial: Park homicide more haunting than most

Every homicide is tragic and memorable, especially for a small community like Clovis, which seldom sees more than two or three a year. But last week’s stabbing death of Ariel Ulibarri is more haunting than most. The 23-year-old mother of two wasn’t attacked in a bar; she was on a walking trail in a city […]

Render: And now for the rest of the story

The U.S. Marines celebrated their 239th birthday on Monday and Veterans Day was Tuesday. Clovis still has a few World War II vets left, but not many. Our Korean War survivors are dwindling and it’s a rare Vietnam vet who’s not in his 70. Here’s a Vietnam story you might find interesting. In June of […]

McManigal: Authority belongs in our hands

When I look at the offices that were up for grabs in the recent election, or hear of the political appointments made to fill other positions, I see a lot of jobs that simply shouldn’t exist, much less be filled. Not even with “the right person.” It doesn’t matter how good a person is when […]

Iran’s nuclear intentions not to be trusted

Russia just tilted the table in favor of Iran in negotiations to limit its nuclear capacity in exchange for easing international economic sanctions on the country — as if the mullahs who call the shots in Iran really needed any extra help. As negotiators representing the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council […]

One-size-fits-all public education best avoided

Earlier this year, the University of Arkansas released “the largest and most comprehensive research commissioned to date” on the funding disparity between charter schools and traditional public schools. It appears New Mexico’s Legislative Education Study Committee hasn’t read it yet. The study analyzed 81 charter schools in the Land of Enchantment and found in 2011 […]

Ebola’s out of sight, out of mind

By Kevin Wilson Staff writer Start spreading the news, I say in my best Frank Sinatra voice. This is a big deal, I say in my best Joe Biden voice. The United States is Ebola-free. What? Nothing? In fairness, you might not have heard about its domestic demise. There are no elections to be won, […]

Counties doing right thing with immigrant holds

Across the country, local authorities have become increasingly reluctant to detain people arrested on unrelated charges for longer than 48 hours at the request of federal agents to allow time to investigate their immigration status. Some local officials, including in some New Mexico counties, say that honoring the so-called “immigration holds” puts them at risk […]

Life about what you can give

By Wendel Sloan Local columnist Although my older sister, Reba, was recently diagnosed with terminal Hodgkins lymphoma, this is a love story. Despite receiving home hospice care, Reba says, “Just because they say I’m going to die, doesn’t mean I have to. I’m going to fight.” She has no bucket list. “I’m a homebody and […]