Sloan: Be there for those who have lost

Recently, I drove 1,200 miles round-trip to the funeral of the 85-year-old father of three sibling friends from high school. I admired their hard-working father and his wonderful late wife, but did not know him particularly well. So why did I go? Because when my mother died in 2010, his oldest daughter went above and […]

Wilson: Cream soda underrated, Trump isn’t

I’ve got a friend visiting in a few weeks for his job. We’ve known each other around 15 years, and I’m guessing our distance is the only way we’ve remained friends. We have different upbringings, political beliefs, etc., and the things we agree on boil down to: The problem isn’t gay marriage; the problem is […]

Chicken debate shows hypocrisy in city ordinance

Mary-Beth Bouchard has decided to fight city hall. Good for her. Rather than give up the chickens that lounge around her yard on Maple Street in Clovis, she says she will go to court and argue her case on Aug. 18. “It’s not just about me, it’s about many others in the area who have […]

Education key to preventing drug overdoses

New Mexico has a nasty habit of landing at or near the top of the list of states with the highest drug overdose death rates, and the state Health Department isn’t making any headway toward reversing that trend. Despite some recent efforts to lower that statistic, our state still has the second-highest number of per […]

McManigal: Today’s rules violate natural law

I don’t want the “law” applied to everyone equally, not when the “law” violates rightful liberty. What I want is for no one to have their liberty violated by any law whatsoever. If one neighbor is being harassed for the height of her grass, and another — who has the right connections — is being […]

Render: Illinois pension fix hurts both ways

There are many state and municipal governments that find themselves in perilous financial straits due primarily to their underfunded pension plans. An underfunded pension plan means that the value of the plans’ assets is less than liabilities for current workers and retirees. According to “Bloomberg Visual Data,” Illinois, with a ratio of 39.3 percent is […]

Sloan: Book includes many eye-openers

My book-of-the-month-summary for July is “The Blank Slate” (Viking, 2002) by Steven Pinker. It is impossible to summarize 509 pages in 300 words, but Pinker says being born a blank slate is a myth. Discoveries in the sciences of mind, brain, genes and evolution debunk “fantastical beliefs flaunted as proof of one’s piety” that moral […]

Wilson: Good art can change destinations

I didn’t think much when the red envelope showed up, because I’d forgotten what I put on my Netflix queue. And then I saw Ethan Hawke staring me down on the disc cover. “Predestination,” the movie I received, seems destined for bargain bin DVD treatment, and it deserves more than that. Without spoiling it, the […]

Legislator trips, even comped, can carry large price tag

Had more of the state lawmakers who have traveled to Azerbaijan on the former Soviet republic’s dime been more willing to talk, one might be able to argue that Senate President Pro Tem Mary Kay Papen is simply naive when she says those paying for the 10-day, 14,000-mile trips expect nothing in return. At the […]

Respectful show of history right, not revising it

History is messy. It’s full of things that, once widely accepted, are now viewed as grievously shameful. Fortunately, for the most part, we put such realizations to good use and attempt to steer clear of repeating the worst parts of our collective past. But acknowledging the darker chapters of our history is not tantamount to […]

McManigal: Taking flag doesn’t stop beliefs

Silly fights over the Confederate flag — actually the Confederate Navy Jack- are still being waged weeks after an evil mass murderer was seen holding it in photographs. The real issue, aggression, gets pushed aside by a non-issue: a flag. Some people who fly the Confederate flag are undoubtedly racists, as are some who fly […]

Render: Government incompetence stunning

Among technicians, systems engineers and other problem solvers the saying goes, “One time is happenstance, the second time is circumstance and the third time is a trend.” Early this month the Wall Street Journal, United Airlines and the New York Stock Exchange all experienced technical outages that caused disruption of services for some parts of […]

Editorial: Ankle bracelet only works if defendant wants it to

The fourth time was the charm for longtime lawbreaker Steven V. Trujillo who, after being turned down three times in his bid to get out of jail, convinced 2nd Judicial District Judge Jacqueline Flores to lower his bond and release him – albeit with an ankle monitor to track his whereabouts and his hollow promises […]

McDonald: Homelessness has no easy fix

It’s easy to see homelessness as more of an urban problem, since that’s where it’s more visible. But it’s a problem in smaller cities and towns too, and New Mexico is no exception. Earlier this month, a group in Silver City took up the issue by hosting a talk about the problems that surround homelessness. […]

Sloan: I had an awesome dream

With months of vegetarianism (interrupted by a brief hiatus on the Texas coast just for the halibut) probably making me unrealistically idealistic, I had a surreal dream about Rush Limbaugh. Here are a few chestnuts I hallucinated him bellowing: “I urge the good folks in Clovis and Portales to replace those Democrats-murdering-babies and hating-on-Hillary signs, […]

Wilson: Always have a password handy

Even as a child watching Saturday morning cartoons, and even without knowing the word, I could usually spot malarkey pretty quick. “Coming up, a very special ‘Saved By the Bell,’ as Bayside students lose a close friend.” Is the close friend the guy who hasn’t appeared all season, and without explanation has a prominent role […]

Mexico shows it can’t hold onto criminals

If you’re a wealthy drug kingpin serving a 20 year-sentence in a “maximum security” prison, Mexico is the place to do your time: History has shown your stay can be brief. Over the weekend, Joaqumn “El Chapo” Guzman, the notorious Mexican drug lord and head of the infamous Sinaloa Cartel, escaped from Altiplano prison 55 […]

Congress should stay out of park bottle bans

It’s amazing how little the U.S. Congress gets done, while at the same time, how deep into the weeds of governing representatives try to dip. Take the local-option ban on selling bottled water at the country’s national parks. The idea — a smart one — was to try and stem the tide of plastic waste. […]

McManigal: Goverment real chickens here

Once upon a time, responsible people raised their own food — gardens and livestock — at home. Then bad guys who found it too dangerous to be roving bullies formed governments so they could control and loot the production of others, usually in return for claimed protection from others exactly like them, in relative safety. […]

Render: Fetuses for electricity, profit sickening

The burning of medical waste has long been an accepted method of eliminating what can be very hazardous material. In April of 2014 a story appeared on “LifeSiteNews” noting that the British Columbia Health Ministry admitted that it was sending the remains of aborted babies to a waste-to-power facility in Oregon. The Oregon Refuse and […]