Sloan: Perfect, peaceful world a fantasy

“If tomorrow, everybody under the sun Was happy just to live as one No borders, no battles to be won But if tomorrow everybody was your friend Happiness would never end Lord, don’t you wish it was true.” —John Fogerty Please indulge me this one week to fantasize about creating my own sickeningly saccharine universe. […]

Wilson: I keep talking, but ball don’t lie

Eastern New Mexico Univeristy started its season off right Tuesday. The artists formerly known as the Zias grabbed a doubleheader sweep of Oklahoma Panhandle State University, the first to open a season in the program’s 20-year history. But the game was not without mistakes by the umpires and me. With a Greyhound on first early […]

Most bad laws created with good intentions

The best part about election season — the only part we like — is asking questions that baffle the candidates. Sure. It’s a character flaw. Last week, we asked Clovis City Commission candidates: What laws or ordinances should be repealed? They all responded with silence. Not one candidate, off the top of their head, anyway, […]

House Bill 309 will fix ballot crowding issue

The 2016 legislative session is a short 30-day one, and thus by definition budget-centric. On its face, House Bill 309 may seem like election law but, at its core, reserving Election Day ballots for real questions that could be put into law is nothing if not a preservation of public budgets. Rep. Nora Espinoza, R-Roswell, […]

McManigal: Even government’s right sometimes

I have discovered — to my horror — there are still people who believe the Earth is flat. To compound my dismay, I see some justify their belief by saying government promotes the “globe Earth” theory, so it must be a lie. Government conspiracies aren’t imaginary. Many are carried out openly, often in front of […]

Render: Hillary has slim chance for win

While the Republican presidential nomination remains uncertain at best, it is the Democrat race that is creating intense interest among watchers of all things political. In a contest that was assumed to be a coronation, the question remains as to whether or not Hillary Clinton can once again be dethroned by a candidate who started […]

Jail, police staff deserve praise for good sense

The woman accused of vandalizing and setting fire to multiple Clovis businesses on Thursday night was released on bond just 24 hours after the nightmare. Her freedom lasted only 36 minutes, however, because, as Interim Police Chief Doug Ford told us, “somebody was just doing their job.” It seems a Curry County jail employee alerted […]

McDonald: Rubio could win New Mexico

We’re four months away from the primary elections in New Mexico — a lifetime in the world of politics. By the time New Mexicans get to vote for their choice in the already-dwindling field of candidates for president, the races will probably be down to two clear front-runners in the Democratic and Republican parties. Chances […]

One-size prison sentences do more harm than good

A one-size-fits-all sentencing policy has swelled the federal prison population to historic highs and is not giving taxpayers a good return on investment in terms of safer communities, reduced costs or better inmate outcomes. That’s the conclusion reached by the Charles Colson Task Force on Federal Corrections, headed by former Oklahoma U.S. Rep. J.C. Watts. […]

Sloan: Life and other random thoughts

Random thoughts: • I wish I had learned to admire people in their twilight years sooner. Their strength in having made it so far is worthy of incredible respect. They are still living their life, and — no matter how feeble — today is just as important to them as it is to anyone. • […]

Wilson: Super Bowl can still be improved

You might have heard this from fellow columnist Karl Terry already — I think he’s a Denver fan — but it’s time for the (phrasing deleted by the National Football League due to copyright violation). Oh, that’s right, the “S” word and the “B” word together are trademarked by the league. To avoid trademark violations, […]

Military still sacrificing lives in Afghanistan

The nation’s preoccupation with preventing terrorist attacks at home and fighting Islamic State aggressions in Syria and Iraq may have pushed the service of many members of the U.S. military into the background. But these men and women should not be forgotten. The combat death of Washington National Guard Sgt. 1st Class Matthew McClintock, who […]

McManigal: You’re libertarian or you’re not

Libertarianism is filled with wolves in sheep’s clothing. People with anti-liberty ideals, when they share some pro-liberty ideals with libertarians, believe we share all their ideals. We don’t. In fact, their anti-liberty “values” are disgusting. I know there are also those who claim to be “conservative” or “liberal” who can’t meet the minimum measure to […]

Render: No good end to Real ID dilemma

Mark Twain once remarked, “No man’s life, liberty or property are safe while the legislature is in session.” He should have added “sanity” to the list, particularly when the New Mexico Legislature is in session. Our elected officials are once again battling their way through the minefield of driver’s licenses for “immigrants without legal status” […]

Smart to allow ride-sharing in state

Gov. Susana Martinez wants ride-booking businesses like Uber and Lyft to be welcome in New Mexico. “New Mexico should usher in a 21st-century economy, not reject it,” Martinez said recently. Rep. Monica Youngblood, R-Albuquerque, is sponsoring House Bill 168, which would allow ride-booking companies to operate in the state. Since they showed up here in […]

McDonald: Ethics bill needs your voice to pass

Perhaps this will be the year when we actually get some decent ethical standards in place for state officials. It’s a long-running issue that seems to resurface every time someone gets in trouble, but for various political and provincial reasons, nothing ever gets through the state legislature. This year, however, one proposal might actually make […]

People for strict construction ’til it’s inconvenient

Presidential candidates should not have to fret about where their parents were born. Imagine President Ted Cruz moving into the White House with First Lady Heidi Cruz and their two daughters under a cloud of doubt about the legitimacy of his election. A new Monmouth University poll finds one-third of Republican voters and voters who […]

Sloan: Just in case you were wondering…

My book-of-the-month summary for January is “How Did They Do That” (Quill, 1984, 332 pages) by Caroline Sutton. The book’s topics range from movies to parachutes to lollipops to hot dogs to hangovers. Samples: • “Heaven’s Gate,” the 1980 box office disaster by Michael Cimino, was budgeted at $11.6 million but would have had to […]

Wilson: Final spot on Generals job for me

The great news Wednesday? The Harlem Globetrotters called our office. The bad news? It wasn’t for me. An otherwise boring afternoon found me speaking to a very pleasant representative of the team that finished just ahead of the Philadelphia 76ers as the funniest basketball team in the world. The Globetrotters win out because they’re trying […]

Constitutional convention risky path to tread

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s call for a constitutional convention has come under some scrutiny. This is as it should be, because it is an idea that puts a bulls-eye on the Bill of Rights. The nation has had only one constitutional convention in its history — in 1787. There are good reasons why there has […]