Sloan: It was just a freak accident, really

My book-of-the-month summary for May is “Super Freakonomics” by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. The authors reveal unintended economic consequences of policies and often sub-conscious behaviors. Excerpts: • Title IX had an unintended consequence on the number of female college head coaches. Before the law, 90 percent of college women’s sports had female head coaches. […]

Wilson: Great layover location still elusive

Leave it to my dad to note financial disparities of an industry. While overseeing a paint crew for the state government, he was accused of being inefficient with the paint used to mark the roadways. An investigation was launched, with numerous state employees taking three weeks to check his work. At the end, his supervisor […]

Dogfighters should be caged like fighting dogs

Dogfighting is despicable. It is not a sport. Breeding dogs to tear at each other’s throats, training them to fight to the death, keeping them stacked in crates in basements, abusing them in the worst possible ways is the sick blood activity of weak people. An Albuquerque man, Robert Arellano, 62, was arrested last week […]

McDonald: Trump has show, not depth, of Ali

As I think back on Muhammad Ali and his impact on American culture, I’m struck by a couple of comparisons. Specifically, Jack Johnson and Donald Trump come to mind. Ali transcended his professional boxing career by thrusting himself head-first into the struggles of his time. If you remember him in his prime, you know he […]

Kids will thank you for reading encouragement

It’s not every day a youngster can discover the magic of books, improve their reading skills and possibly win a trip to a Disney theme park — just every day this summer. Since summer vacation of 2013, Gov. Susana Martinez has made it a priority to promote reading by children and prevent what she calls […]

McManigal: Awaiting Bernie’s plan to help poor

It’s a rare thing for me to agree with a presidential candidate — and rarer still for me to agree with an avowed socialist. Bernie Sanders recently said it is “unacceptable” that nearly 47 million Americans live in poverty. Assuming his numbers are right — not that it matters even if he’s off by an […]

Render: Trump earned his media coverage

This is the third in my series of editorials on the Donald J. Trump phenomena. Today’s topic is media. As any newspaper editor or television station manager can attest, political consultants are constantly working to get their candidate in front of the public at no cost to the campaign. Wikimedia defines earned (or free) media […]

Albuquerque did Trump a favor

What a political gift. Donald Trump’s campaign should have left Albuquerque thanking the thugs and hooligans who took to the streets to protest the candidate’s Tuesday rally at the Convention Center. Those protesters did more to gin up support for Trump nationwide than any speech he could have given or any political endorsements he could […]

McManigal: Regulation is radical extremism

I am driven by a love of personal responsibility, individual rights, free enterprise, and private property rights. At one time these values would have labeled me a conservative. The conservative preference of an earlier era was to keep the tentacles of the state out of life. This doesn’t seem to be what mainstream political conservatives […]

Render: Trump perfected Obama’s method

This is the second in my series of editorials on the Donald J. Trump phenomena. The question asked most often by the talking heads in media about Trump’s possible election to the highest office in the land is, “Is Trump qualified to be president of the United States?” The question strikes me as particularly ingenuous […]

McDonald: Census gives clear view of state

It’s amazing what you can learn about a place from its numbers. U.S. Census Bureau numbers, that is. If you’ve never linked into its Quick Facts data, you don’t know what you’re missing. For example, from this data I can tell you that when compared to our three big neighbors to the west, north and […]

Ariel Kokoricha more than local word nerd

If we were to pick a perfect representative for eastern New Mexico, we’d want someone smart, personable and approachable, with a good sense of humor, a healthy curiosity and a hunger for success who’s earned the respect of colleagues, superiors and even casual acquaintances. We did not pick Ariel Kokoricha to represent us at the […]

New Mexico perfect to host World Air Games

New Mexico has a golden opportunity to raise its status as a world-class ballooning venue to even greater heights if it can convince the Switzerland-based Fédération Aéronautique Internationale to bring its World Air Games to Albuquerque in 2019 or 2020. Supporters say the games, billed as the olympics of aviation, could bring in a quarter-million […]

Sloan: Let the name game commence

Here is the spring edition of “Do commencement names determine destiny?” Will … • Ms. Scales and Mr. Justice receive fair sentences from Mr. Judge? Ms. Riper and Mr. Vineyard ferment extraordinarily sweet wine? Ms. Gard protect herself from Mr. Stalker with Mr. Mace? • Mr. Rhode be told to hit it because Ms. Holliday […]

Gessing: Justice system could use changes

New Mexico could make significant improvements to its criminal justice system by embracing a common-law principle called mens rea. A new Rio Grande Foundation paper describes in detail why the New Mexico Legislature should embrace the principle of “guilty conscience” in criminal justice. As described by Roscoe Pound, the dean of Harvard Law School from […]

State on right track in funding early education

Here is a sunny spot on the state’s otherwise cloudy education outlook. New Mexico’s ranking in spending on pre-kindergarten education programs has risen 10 places, from 28th to 18th among the 42 states and the District of Columbia that have pre-K. The 2015 State Preschool Yearbook, released recently by Rutgers University’s National Institute of Early […]

McManigal: Liberty offers better options, rights

When discussing libertarian ideas with non-libertarians, I have discovered one common fear: the fear that libertarians would take away the government services to which people have grown accustomed. Libertarians, in other words, are seen as trying to force people to be free. That’s not my goal at all. I support removing the roadblocks that prevent […]

Render: Trump’s good at selling the sizzle

Rube Render

This is the first in a series of editorials that will examine the recent and on-going Republican presidential primary cycle and attempt to explain how Donald Trump became the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party. Early this month, writing in Bloomberg View, Megan McArdle penned an article titled, “The Four Horses of the Republican Apocalypse.” […]

Circle of violence amongst Navajos needs to end now

The statistics are numbing: Four of five American Indian and Alaskan Native women have experienced violence. More than half have experienced sexual violence, and they are 2 1/2 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than women of all other races. More than one in three have experienced violence in the past year. Young Ashlynne […]

McDonald: Dream big, but prepare for work

It’s that time of year, when just about every newspaper in the state gives front-page attention to at least one local graduation. They’re always a big deal, especially to those who walk across that ceremonial stage and the families they’re making proud. Graduations mark a transition in our lives, but sometimes I think it’s over-emphasized. […]