McManigal: ‘I don’t know’ makes flimsy cover

“I don’t know” can be one of the smartest things you ever say. At least, when you honestly don’t know. Whenever possible, it should be followed up with finding out what it was you didn’t know. Once you discover a gap in your knowledge, how can you be content to leave it unfilled? “I don’t […]

Render: Thank God for our military folks

Details surrounding the capture of two U.S. Navy Riverine Command Boats near Farsi Island in the Persian Gulf remain uncertain at best. Vice President Joe Biden’s statement to “CBS This Morning” that no apology to Iran was made rang hollow in the face of a televised comment made by Navy Lt. David Nartker. While on […]

Tobacco tax proposal should be approved

Sinking oil and gas prices have lawmakers scrambling for revenue sources to augment state coffers. Sen. Howie Morales, D-Silver City, has trained his eye on one of the so-called “sin taxes” — a tax on tobacco products, including e-cigarettes. Sen. Cisco McSorley, D-Albuquerque, also has a bill that would tax e-cigarettes. Morales’ legislation to increase […]

McDonald: Political correctness not so easy

It may not be wise, but let’s talk about political correctness. Actually, it’s politically smart to bring up PC these days. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and others have been openly critical of language that seeks to sanitize modern America, and a lot of Republican voters love them for it. Conservatives see PC all […]

Material science good investment for our economy

After making just two investments worth $12 million in two independent venture funds in two years — when at least $60 million was available — the State Investment Council is sharpening its focus on new ventures. That vision is especially important in a state suffering from a severe case of economic myopia, where nine of […]

Sloan: Circumstances our main differences

Although cheesy, a graphic I saw has it about right: “If you see everyone as a soul instead of a face, you will treat them better.” Politicians score points by grouping masses of individuals into shadowy bogeymen, appealing to their followers’ fears and prejudices. Of course, we have to be vigilant against radicals wanting to […]

Wilson: Powerball dreams bring ideas to light

We had a pretty good idea we weren’t winning the Powerball jackpot, since the odds were around 291,999,999 in 292,000,000 our ticket wouldn’t match. But we weren’t completely sure. With that in mind, my friend Drake and I went into what we’d do with a $1.5 billion prize, and where others had gone wrong. First […]

Time marijuana program is subject to compliance

The state’s medical marijuana program is finally coming out of the shadows and soon will be subject to a healthy dose of sunshine. It’s too bad it took an open government lawsuit to get to this point. The Department of Health is proposing changes in its rules that would make public the names, locations and […]

McManigal: Obama’s anti-gun orders criminal

Are you worried by Obama’s latest anti-gun executive orders? Don’t be. He and his accomplices have no more authority to make up laws regarding guns than I do to demand you paint your house orange. Don’t believe me? Consider: The Second Amendment — which, as an amendment, over-rides anything to the contrary in the original […]

Render: Executive action horrible practice

It is hard for government to pass legislation, and it should be. Our constitutional system of three separate but equal branches of government has served us well for more than 200 years. There has always been jockeying for position between the branches, but the checks and balances built into the system have prevented one branch […]

Voters who don’t claim party still disenfranchised

Consider it a glass-is-kind-of-half-full situation. While it is a welcome development that New Mexicans can now register to vote online, they still have to register with a major political party to be eligible to cast a ballot in a primary election. So as the Land of Enchantment takes its voter registration into the digital age […]

McDonald: Don’t expect much from session

So here we are, at the onset of another legislative session. It’s one of the short ones, 30 days, and it’s at the front end of an election year, so it probably won’t be an overly productive one. Sure, a budget will be passed, since that’s essentially required by state law. But I’m not optimistic […]

Dream of place for hurt kids should happen

Having a centralized, accessible and homey place for families and children who need assistance from the state makes sense. Especially for children suspected of being abused or neglected. A frightened child taken from a dangerous situation shouldn’t have to bed down on an office couch. The state Children, Youth and Families Department is trying to […]

Sloan: Life seems important to everyone

My winter break included encountering a variety of nature’s forces and people. • In Waco, I saw the homeless man I wrote about a couple of years ago who loved the freedom of his lifestyle. He now lives in a subsidized ghetto — and seems to feel superior to homeless friends. • In a motel […]

Wilson: Betting on ridiculous winnings

Anybody who knows me needs no lesson on how much I disagree with some of the other columnists we have in our fine publications. But I do find common ground every so often. There are several times I’m tempted to pen a response to, say, a Kent McManigal column. But I give up before I […]

Jails right to be selective with Hep C drugs

Millions of dollars that could go to schools and infrastructure projects around the state — or for hiring more corrections officers — instead are needed to treat prison inmates with hepatitis C, a viral infection that often is spread through drug abuse. That’s because about half of the state’s prison inmates have hep C. The […]

McManigal: Government just another disaster

Maybe it’s a personal fault, but I like blizzards. I enjoy anything interesting and challenging. The way to keep “interesting and challenging” from becoming a disaster is by planning ahead. I try to be as ready as possible for emergencies or problems. I have kerosene lamps in case of a blackout. I also have a […]

Render: A passed law should be enforced

In 2003, the New Mexico Legislature passed and the governor signed a bill that allowed immigrants without legal status to obtain driver’s licenses. Immigrants “without legal status” is a euphemism for “undocumented immigrants,” which is a euphemism for immigrants who are not in the U.S. legally. The law made no distinction between a license issued […]

Thanks to those who worked through storm

This winter has brought some remarkable weather to New Mexico in the form of some noticeable snowstorms. The Goliath blizzard that hit eastern New Mexico and the Texas Panhandle on Dec. 26 brought 8 to 12 inches of snow, but also sustained winds of 40 mph, which produced drifts that touched rooftops. The state definitely […]

McDonald: New year starts with predictions

Let’s pull out my nonexistent crystal ball and take a look at what’s in store for the state of New Mexico in the year about to unfold. All predictions are based on scientific data, keen observation, brilliant insights and my own roll of the dice — which guarantee accuracy in my predictions, except when they […]