New training program hope for our youth

If and when opportunity knocks, young people need to be prepared to seize it, and a new state program should help put them in that position. It’s not news that New Mexico struggles with poverty, low-paying jobs and poor educational outcomes. Our poverty rate is 20.4 percent compared to the national rate of 15.4 percent. […]

McDonald: Presidential outsiders have edge

By the time New Mexico’s preferential primaries roll around on June 7, some 40 other states will have already voted for their party’s candidate. That means there’s a good chance the nation’s Democrats and Republicans will have already decided who their nominees will be, even if it isn’t official until they hold their national conventions […]

Care is wonderful survival strategy

By Steve Hansen Local columnist Maybe I’m old fashioned, or just old, or just selfish, but the whole idea of the “sharing economy” is lost on me. I don’t get Uber, Airbnb, and GoFundMe. To me, the gains do not match the risks. If you pick up a rider on Uber, what’s going to stop […]

Acceptance would be start for GOP

“In a country where a sitting congressman (said) evolution and the Big Bang are ‘lies straight from the pit of hell,’ where the chairman of a Senate environmental panel brought a snowball into the chamber as evidence that climate change is a hoax, where almost one in three citizens can’t name the vice president, it […]

Ban on burning flag infringes on free speech

Without bothering to consult or conduct polls on the matter, let’s all just go out on a limb and agree that flag desecraters are a minority, probably a minuscule one — most likely a smaller minority percentage-wise than the lone Democrat on the nine-member Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. That highest of Texas criminal law […]

McManigal: I’ve changed a lot from teen years

Recently a friend from my late teenage years commented on a Facebook post. He expressed his opinion that I have changed a lot since then. It wasn’t clear whether he meant this to be complimentary or not. My first reaction was to get defensive. Fortunately, before responding I realized how wonderful it was I have […]

Render: Citizens responsible for shooting rate

According to crime statistics published by the Chicago Tribune, someone gets shot in Chicago every 2.84 hours. From Jan. 1 of this year through October, that comes to 2,349 shootings. This number includes 370 homicides. If the shootings continue at their present rate, the total victim count for 2015 will be more than 2,800. Chicago […]

‘Forgotten’ vets get honor they earned, deserve

They were 16 Army soldiers; seven Navy sailors, including one female veteran; three Air Force airmen; and two Marines. Most served during the Vietnam War years. Several are from the Korean War era. They are: Army — Robert Axtell, Kenneth Carnes, Harold Chalupa, Arturo Gavilanes, Norman Grady, Adrian Greene, Glenn Loney Jr., Stanly Minge, Brock […]

McDonald: Think NM proposal sorely needed

It should be no surprise to any of my regular readers that I’m a big fan of Think New Mexico. It’s important to our state to have a nonpartisan think tank researching quality-of-life issues and pushing for changes, especially in the Legislature, that benefit all New Mexicans instead of a self-interested few. Plus, it has […]

It pays to listen to dad sometimes

New Mexico native Paul Modrich says his father, the local high school biology teacher in Raton, suggested when he was a junior in high school that he “should learn about this DNA stuff.” Modrich took his dad’s advice. On Wednesday he received a surprise email from a colleague congratulating him for being part of a […]

Sloan: Professor: Obama legacy looks promising

In a book titled “Interview with Professor Donald Elder: The Presidents of the United States,” Clovis resident Michael Shaughnessy recently interviewed the Portales resident about the 44 U.S. presidents. As we dripped sweat from noon-time basketball, Elder told me he put his personal opinions aside in answering Shaughnessy’s questions. I find it interesting most of […]

Wilson: Showing friend new movie worth trip

“What’s this? ‘The Iron Giant’ is playing? With two new scenes? Everybody I know is going to want to go see this. We should get at least a dozen people … how will they all fit in the car?” Yes, these are some of the thoughts I had when I saw one of my favorite […]

Prison staffing, officer pay must become priorities

When is the last time you put in a 72-hour workweek on any kind of job, much less a dangerous one? Probably never, if you are an average 40-hour-a-week worker. Unfortunately, due to difficulty in recruiting and retaining prison officers, New Mexico’s state-run prisons are seriously understaffed, and some officers are working those crushing workweeks. […]

McManigal: Out with the old, in with the new

When thinking of my favorite seasons, autumn is definitely in the top four. Just where it ranks depends on when you ask me. Some of the more heavily forested places in which I have lived offer more in the way of fall colors, but no matter where I am, I always feel a sense of […]

Render: Political correctness in driver’s seat

A story is told about Abraham Lincoln at a political campaign session when he asked one of his questioners: “How many legs would a dog have if we called the dog’s tail, a leg.” “Five,” the questioner answered. “No,” Lincoln responded. “Calling a dog’s tail a leg, doesn’t make it a leg.” Abe never met […]

Detective right for checking warrant status

If a police officer recognizes a convicted criminal, a man who has multiple aliases and convictions, and makes a phone call to see if that person has any outstanding federal warrants, it should go without saying that’s just good police work. Well, unless that man is an undocumented immigrant in a sanctuary city like Santa […]

McDonald: ‘Watchman’ historically insightful

Earlier this year, I wrote about the latest manuscript written by Harper Lee, author of the classic “To Kill a Mockingbird.” I was both excited and anxious about reading “Go Set a Watchman” since one of the central characters, Atticus Finch, reminds me of my own father. I wasn’t too excited about tarnishing the heroic […]

Sloan: Drug users need help, not prison

Along with human trafficking, including sexual slavery, drug cartels are among humanity’s most despicable enterprises. The simplest solution to dismantling them would be ending the demand for their products. With such enormous riches at stake, destroying the purveyors and their products is impossible. In my college and Navy hippie days, I experimented with pot and […]

Wilson: Best, worst found on football field

Some of the loudest experiences I’ve ever had in my life have come with covering high school football. • The crash of the cymbals on each high school band’s “Star Spangled Banner.” • The cannon that goes off at Leon Williams Stadium whenever a touchdown is scored. • The megaphone with the siren sound that […]

Clovis schools need to be transparent

So did you hear what Eric Roanhaus did this time? If you have any interest in Clovis High School football, you’ve probably heard a rumor or two by now that helps explain why the sometimes-colorful Wildcats football coach was mysteriously missing from the sidelines on Sept. 25 at Rio Rancho. What we don’t know is […]