Taxi, ride-share rules not court’s job to sort out

According to its website, the online ride-sharing service Uber is operating in 17 cities in Central and South America; 30 in Europe, the Middle East and Africa; 79 in Asia Pacific; and 189 in North America. Yet New Mexico hasn’t been able to come up with a system to regulate it, so it’s been operating […]

Sloan: Story of a liberal named Wendel

There was a Texan named Wendel Who folks didn’t know was a liberal When he rolled in with the tumbleweeds To work on the High Plains. When they found out they called him a jerk (Sometimes even worse) for not sharing their creed. It disappointed them so That someone from the Lone Star State Wasn’t […]

Wilson: Best wishes on your ‘gonna do’ list

We all have resolutions. Eat healthier. Work out more. Be nicer to people online and in person. Pass up the temptation to blurt out, “Good, you need to,” when people tell you their resolutions. But Dec. 31 can be a pretty good day unto itself, because you can worry about the “gonna do” tomorrow and […]

State leaders need to make Real ID happen

The federal government has given New Mexico a narrow window to finally agree to comply with a 10-year-old law and ensure its driver’s license system is secure from criminals, including human smugglers and terrorists. Not even comply – just agree to. The question is, can the Legislature put aside political maneuvering and linguistic gymnastics to […]

McManigal: Still standing for liberty in 2016

As 2015 ends, I find myself thinking one thought: I hope 2016 is better. To the extent I can control it, I will try to make sure it is for myself and for those around me. A sad fact of life is you can’t control everything that happens. No matter what, bad stuff can (and […]

Render: ‘Star Wars’ with family great time

The first “Star Wars,” later called “Episode IV, A New Hope,” was released in May of 1977. I was on recruiting duty at the time and really didn’t understand the fascination that the film would cause. I was aware that people were lining up to see the movie and when they left the theater, they […]

Governor right to apologize for bad behavior

The tone was testy. The attitude imperial. The conduct unbecoming of the state’s highest elected official. Gov. Susana Martinez has apologized for her early morning telephone conversation with a Santa Fe police dispatcher while she was standing at the front desk of the four-star Eldorado Hotel and Spa. As well she should. Because there are […]

McManigal: Wishing good will to liberty lovers

In this season of “Peace on Earth, good will toward men,” ask yourself if you are supporting the opposite. Liberty activist Larken Rose points out that so many who say they want “peace on Earth” still support war-mongering politicians, and while talking about “good will toward men” they advocate widespread authoritarian aggression. He also brings […]

Render: Thanks, Merry Christmas to all

With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore, I offer the following: It’s Christmas again on New Mexico’s plain, Where the wind always blows and we seldom see rain. Where the sky and the clouds stretch forever above us, Stop a moment; give thanks; to the great God who loves us. Give thanks for the workers who […]

Luminarias vs. Farolitos great Christmas debate

If New Mexico has a state question (red or green?) perhaps it’s time to establish a state controversy. Not mandated by the Legislature, but played out in conversations, whether face to face by the fireplace or on Twitter or Facebook. Our nominee, the perennial battle across New Mexico each Christmas season — farolito vs. luminaria. […]

McDonald: Experiences much better than gifts

Editor’s note: The original version of this column was published in 2012 in the Las Vegas Optic. It’s being distributed with permission and has been updated for 2015. In terms of pure economics, our biggest national holiday is, of course, Christmas. Perhaps it makes me a little out of the ordinary, because I don’t remember […]

Poor governing culprit of nuke waste site woes

Getting the shuttered Waste Isolation Pilot Plant back to full operation anytime in the near future looks dubious, with missed deadlines attributable to the usual culprits — ineptness and bungling. Operations at WIPP, the nation’s only underground repository for mixed radioactive waste from Cold War-era nuclear weapons work, have been curtailed and the site closed […]

Sloan: Dear friends, it’s been a tough one

Wendel’s Christmas newsletter: • January — I went skiing in Ruidoso for the first time since the Cold War. My skill had not gone downhill, but the Texans had. Overheard: “W” was the best president since Harrison Ford; Trump has the smoking gun Obama used in a Kenyan training camp; Ted Cruz invented cruise missiles. […]

Wilson: Worst, best Christmas? Same year

A question I ask, and get asked, every year seems to be, “What was the best Christmas you remember?” We never ask, “What’s your worst Christmas?” My best Christmas and worst Christmas are pretty easy memories, because they happened in the same year. First off, a defense of my family, and myself. Of the things […]

Secretary office needs Winter’s full attention

Under no circumstances would Gov. Susana Martinez have done something so outlandish as appointing Democrat Maggie Toulouse Oliver as secretary of state, even though she is immensely qualified for the job. After all, Oliver — despite running elections in Bernalillo County — is a Democrat. No one is that bipartisan. Martinez’s selection to replace the […]

McManigal: Most confused on human rights

Most people’s understanding of human rights is upside down and backward. The question isn’t whether you have the right to own and to carry a gun or a sword; drive a car regardless of license or registration; make, sell, or buy meth; use your property as you see fit; smoke Cannabis; write, sing, or say […]

Render: History repeats on the fast track

As a young man, I always knew that, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Or at least I was aware this was true in the opinion of George Santayana. What I was not aware of was the fact that history could repeat itself in the short span of my own […]

Lawmakers must strengthen corruption laws

Handed a plea deal with no jail time whatsoever — despite the 65 charges originally filed — District Court Judge T. Glenn Ellington had to walk a difficult path Monday when sentencing former Secretary of State Dianna Duran. We’ll call it a successful outcome if the disgraced Duran agrees to accept even 30 days in […]

McDonald: Expression masters a special group

You know what they say. What goes around comes around. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if that ain’t true. I’ve picked up a lot of old sayings through the years, and the older I get the more I recite them. At least, I quote the ones I’ve […]

Colleges must change business model to thrive

Faced with economic reality, New Mexico State University is making a smart move — away from seeking more public dollars and toward working with the private sector. Amid a financial crunch created in part by falling enrollment and declining tax and royalty revenues to state coffers from oil and gas, NMSU president Garrey Carruthers announced […]