McManigal: Need for government crazy idea

Of all the crazy ideas humans have come up with over the centuries, one of the most destructive is the idea that government — or more accurately, the state — is necessary. What gives people this idea? What makes them believe that without the state society would collapse? The 12-plus years of indoctrination by employees […]

Render: Trump knows about job creation

Hillary Clinton would have you believe that she managed to escape her early public service experience with little accumulated wealth and indeed left the White House “dead broke.” How she managed to amass a fortune of several hundreds of millions of dollars remains a mystery unless you delve into the Clinton Foundation or the Clinton […]

Martinez right to want budget negotiations

When you’re $700 million in the red, something’s got to give. Will it be pay cuts or fewer jobs for public employees? Less money for education, possibly meaning fewer teachers and larger class sizes? What about sidelining road improvements and senior centers? Or slashing social programs? How about cuts to economic development and business recruitment? […]

McDonald: State’s future not in fossil fuels

Susana Martinez must hate having to call the Legislature into session. The Republican governor doesn’t have much of a record of success there, largely because of an obstinate Senate and its Democratic majority. But thanks to an inability or unwillingness to resolve matters in the last regular session, Martinez must now call her second special […]

Public should see Albuquerque police reviews

The city of Albuquerque has taken another positive step in the police reform process by emulating best practices regarding reviews of law enforcement use of force. APD’s Critical Incident Review Team, or CIRT, is modeled after a similar program at the Las Vegas, Nevada, Metropolitan Police Department and is already tackling everything from the use […]

Sloan: Happenings at every vacation stop

This concludes my three-part travelogue about my recent Texas vacation. Mt. Pleasant • In a clearance store, I passed on steeply discounted mismatched Nike sandals — size 6 (left) and size 8 (right). • A friend, arguing with a cashier at a liquidating Hastings that their “Cash Only” sign was too small to notice, got […]

Stevens: Many lessons in Art Ferro drama

In our last episode — published April 10 under the headline “Put your sleuthing skills to the test” — a Clovis man was returning a car to a friend. Another man happened to arrive about the same time, interested in purchasing a motorcycle. It was 2 a.m., but Art Ferro was still awake, eating a […]

Letters to the editor — Aug. 21

Trump’s business abilities what we need these days The Rio Grande Foundation’s Paul Gessing, in his July 23 column, encouraged fiscal conservatives to vote for Gary Johnson because he is frugal. He could not be more wrong. Gessing pointed to Johnson’s frugal spending record. Frugality doesn’t always reveal a fiscal conservative. A couch potato might […]

Constantopolous: Coal sector needs advanced tech

Guest columnist These days, bipartisan support in Congress for a coal bill of any kind is rare. Which is why the Senate leadership’s support of a measure that would boost incentives for the development of a technology that would reduce carbon dioxide emissions from coal combustion is so noteworthy. The technology is sequestration. This involves […]

Espinoza: State needs to be more oil-friendly

Jason Espinoza

Guest columnist It’s now more than two years since Saudi Arabia declared a price war with American shale oil in order to protect its market share of crude-oil production. What’s New Mexico to do when a whole nation goes after a U.S. industry that, on full-tilt, can contribute one-third of your state’s budget revenue? A […]

Jail should be unpleasant, but not torturous

Lt. Stephen Perkins, president of the corrections officers union at the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center, tells us that jail isn’t a great place. And it’s not meant to be, it’s meant to hold people against their will. But that doesn’t mean it’s a place where guards put a 4-foot-11-inch female inmate in a wrist […]

McManigal: Absurd to say Gadsden flag racist

Recently the Gadsden flag — the yellow “Don’t tread on me” flag that has been around since before the American Revolution — was denounced as racist by the social-justice crowd and other government extremists. How absurd. This is the same silly controversy that surrounded the Confederate flag last year. Sure, most people are probably racist […]

Render: Payment to Iran a ransom, period

Some circumstantial evidence is strong, like when you see a turtle sitting on a fence post; it never occurs to you that the turtle climbed that post. In politics, the optics are everything. For instance if you take 400 million U.S. dollars and convert it into euros, Swiss francs and various other currencies, put it […]

Political quid pro quo still alive in Washington D.C.

Fresh on the heels of emails that showed Democratic National Committee bosses discussing ways to sabotage the campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders come new emails that show donors to the Clinton Foundation had a special in with the State Department under then-Secretary Hillary Clinton. Sad, but hardly surprising — and completely in character with the […]

McDonald: Seeming weakness can be strength

Since the start of a new school year brings new adventures in education, and since reading and writing are essential to a good education, and since there’s a fair number of people who have trouble with reading and writing, I offer up a case study — myself. When I was a kid, I read words […]

State’s poor rankings not ending soon

In a sad parallel to the highs and lows of drug abuse, New Mexico ranks high in teens who use a wide range of illegal substances, high in the negative effects of drug use, and low in everything that can help in deciding that using illegal drugs is the wrong choice. The Centers for Disease […]

Sloan: Hometown mix of old and new

Despite being a gold-medal favorite in the shooting-fish-in-a-barrel competition during the Olympics, I decided to take a break from writing about politics and continue the travelogue about my recent Texas vacation. While visiting my parents’ graves in Mt. Vernon, I saw the nearby memorial for legendary Cowboys quarterback Don Meredith. (I hauled hay for Meredith’s […]

Wilson: Being southpaw easier all the time

I’m working on a holiday. I’m working on MY holiday. This is an outrage. Well, not really. And that’s a good thing. Saturday, for the 89 percent of people who don’t celebrate it, was International Left-Handers Day. I am, have been and will always be a left-hander. I never got my left-handed discount anywhere today, […]

Pedestrians, cyclists need alert drivers

Nathan Barkocy was almost killed in January when a car plowed into him, a cycling teammate and their coach on an Albuquerque street. Seven months later, after intensive rehabilitation and surgery, he struggles with things that used to come easy, such as honors schoolwork, because of the traumatic brain injury he suffered. And he’s lucky […]

McManigal: Using law against someone uncivilized

I can relate when someone gets upset about laws being used against them — especially the phony laws that have nothing to do with protecting life, liberty, or property. To me, this is the height of uncivil behavior. If someone has a problem with me, and goes behind my back instead of bringing the problem […]