Ag secretary not responsible with fire funds

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack stomped his foot last week, and the nation’s forests should be shaking. That’s because Vilsack told Albuquerque Journal Washington bureau correspondent Michael Coleman that if the U.S. Forest Service, which he oversees, runs out of money to fight fires this summer, it will be up to Congress to give him […]

McDonald: We’re not immune to cop killings

Think all the killings by cops making news these days are exclusive to urban areas? Think again. Here in New Mexico, we’ve had at least five so far this year, and unless I’m missing something, not one in Albuquerque this year. For context, let’s look at some national stats: So far this year, there have […]

First step: Eliminating ‘us vs. them’ mentality

About 50 people gathered Friday outside the Clovis Police Department to pray and show support for local officers following the shooting deaths of police in Dallas on Thursday. One question on everyone’s mind: Could this happen here? We all know the answer is yes. It is certainly possible a Clovis police officer or Roosevelt County […]

Sloan: Cholesterol struggle is real

On the rare occasions people take a break from being outraged over politics, they might use the brief armistices to envision their nemeses as humans. Liberal, conservative or apathetic, everyone has a secret challenge. Former Portales resident Annette Michelle Quintana, 49, an upbeat married mother of three living in Adkins, Texas — near San Antonio […]

Wilson: Safety, trust demands accountability

Picture a city of about 35,000, or just picture Clovis. Imagine this Clovis, for 15 years, experiences a fatal shooting every month. We know the shooter every time. Most shootings had witnesses, and some are on video, yet nobody goes to jail and only three are ever charged. Do you feel safe in this alternate […]

Congress’ main concern should be our children

Only the U.S. Congress could turn a battle against a mosquito-borne virus into a fight over Obamacare and the stars and bars. U.S. Rep. Ben Ray Luján, D-New Mexico, is advocating for legislation that would dedicate $1.9 billion to fighting the Zika virus because more than 63 percent of the U.S. population lives in areas […]

McManigal: Refusing to vote is vote for liberty

In last week’s column, valid alternatives were offered to those hesitant to waste a vote by endorsing an evil — lesser or not. For some reason almost everyone focused on the point that it isn’t smart to keep playing a game you know is rigged. Overwhelmingly, the people demand their right to keep losing to […]

Render: Current party conferacy of dunces

I think Richard Fernandez, on his “Belmont Club” blog, was first to note that the Obama administration could be defined by the red-neck phrase, “Hold my beer Bubba, I’m a try somethin.’” Either gross incompetence or wide-ranging ignorance permeates the State Department, Department of Justice and Health and Human Services. The above list is not […]

Poor judgment casts shadow on Hillary’s case

A White House spokesman tells us U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch “certainly understands that investigations should be conducted free of political interference and consistent with the facts.” One thing the attorney general apparently does not understand is the old maxim that “if it smells bad, it stinks.” Because spending 30 minutes chatting with the husband […]

McDonald: Martinez shouldn’t endorse Trump

Gov. Susana Martinez is in a precarious position, and soon enough she’ll have to take a stand on the question of Donald Trump. As chair of the Republican Governors Association and the nation’s first and only Hispanic female governor, her endorsement would mean a lot to the presumptive Republican nominee. But he’s done nothing to […]

Sloan: PTSD claims another ‘Nam casualty

Last Monday was National PTSD Awareness Day. A reader, 69, told me he has experienced Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) since being in Vietnam at 20. Secretly suffering from PTSD while waiting 40 years to seek treatment, the disorder has taken its toll: run-ins with the law, war flashbacks, failed marriages … Upon returning to his […]

Wilson: Independence Day came early for me


Monday is July 4, and July 4 is Independence Day. But Friday was July 1, and July 1 wasn’t a bad Independence Day on its own. I’d planned for the last few months to try to have my car loan paid off ahead of its original February closing date. A principal payment here and there, […]

Commissioners in Curry still acting like babies

The reasons behind the public censure of Curry County Commissioner Chet Spear have been kept secret since the action took place on June 16. But a public records request may have turned up a clue: It seems our childish county leaders don’t want Spear playing on their swing set. On June 17, the Clovis News […]

Public deserves answers about Dog Head Fire

As the Dog Head Fire reached 95 percent containment Wednesday, out of the ashes arose questions about when the first report of the suspected human-caused wildland fire came in, what the early response was and if there were some decision to let the fire go as a controlled burn. The U.S. Forest Service, which is […]

McManigal: Only intelligent choice is no vote

Trump or Clinton? It’s the question that seems to be on a lot of minds — not which candidate would be best as president, but which would be the least bad. It’s a false choice. First of all, pretending those are your only choices is like saying you can only choose between hamburgers and tacos; […]

Render: Night club killer’s motivation clear

Rev. Terry Jones took over as senior pastor of the Dove World Outreach Center, an unaffiliated Christian denomination, in 2004. At that time, Dove World had approximately 100 members; at last count, it was said to have less than 50 members who actually attended services. Jones received national attention in 2012 when he burned a […]

U.S. does little to keep track of immigrants

Maybe Michael Steven Sandford, a would-be assassin from Britain, doesn’t fit the stereotype of an illegal immigrant. But he actually is fairly typical and he does illustrate another reason America needs comprehensive immigration reform. Sandford was arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada, this month at a Donald Trump rally and is facing charges in an alleged […]

McDonald: State’s sacrificed much for nation

Around the corner is Independence Day, a holiday in which we celebrate the birth of these United States. Here in New Mexico, we have the history, heritage and diversity to do it up right. At first, sundry Native American tribes shared this harsh and enchanting landscape, but they were eventually overpowered and “assimilated” into the […]

Wildlife, human interaction needs careful balance

The marathon runner played dead. The mama bear ended up dead for real in her native wilderness habitat. Who was at fault? The runner? Organizers of the event in the Valles Caldera National Preserve? The U.S. National Park Service, which gave permission for the race? Or the bear that lived there tending to her three […]

Sloan: ‘Brief History’ can’t be summarized

My book-of-the-month summary for June is “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking. Impossible to summarize in 300-plus words, here are selected passages: • “We give little thought to the machinery that generates the sunlight that makes life possible, to the gravity that glues us to an Earth that would otherwise send us spinning […]