Render: Common sense was left behind

There seems to be a movement across the county to not only allow students in elementary schools to opt out of testing, but to encourage them to do so. The primary drivers of this nationwide crusade are educators and parents who believe that having children take fewer tests will decrease stress on the kids. According […]

McManigal: Beliefs are far more than opinions

I often hear people characterize political differences as mere differences of opinion. If only they were that trivial. A disagreement over the best music would normally be a frivolous difference of opinion, but what would happen if it were politicized? You might criminalize my favorite songs if 51 percent of the voters agree with you […]

End of AIDS in America should be much closer

The Centers for Disease Control Director Tom Frieden sums it up nicely: Key to controlling the nation’s HIV epidemic is helping people with HIV get connected to … care and treatment, to suppress the virus, live longer and help protect others.” Unfortunately, 70 percent of Americans who have HIV have yet to unlock what seems […]

Taking time to talk might be best gift

It’s supposed to be the season of ho-ho-ho, sleigh bells jingling and peace on Earth. But not everybody experiences the holidays as a time of cheer. For many, for a variety of reasons, the season of joy is instead the time of holiday blues. They remember losses and grief that have occurred amid carols, decorations, […]

You get what advertising you pay for

By Robert Arrowsmith Publisher First, let me preface this by stating this is not an attempt to try to sell any of you advertising. While I would love to have all of your business, this is not what this is meant to be about. Word of mouth on early returns about some of the events […]

The world will be fine without us

By Wendel Sloan Local columnist My November book-of-the-month summary is Alan Weisman’s “The World Without Us,” in which he explores what the world will be like after humans. Within a few hundred years residential neighborhoods will return to forests.  The longest-lasting evidence of humans will be plastics, metals and radioactive waste. Future inhabitants will encounter […]

Grateful for NM’s natural wonders

By Tom McDonald State columnist Let’s face it: Thanksgiving traditions are based on an incomplete memory. Maybe the Puritans sat down and ate with Native Americans a time or two, but they actually brought more death and destruction to the tribes they encountered than they did turkey and dressing. But it’s the sentiment, not historic […]

Textbooks should be inclusive, not exclusive

North of the Rio Grande, Juan Cortina is portrayed as a bandit who wreaked havoc on 19th century Tejanos’ efforts to settle the borderlands. Across the river he’s celebrated as a hero, who led a resistance against Tejanos who claimed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which transferred Texas from Mexican to U.S. control, also voided […]

Veteran suicide issue deserves full focus

Bipartisan bills moving through the U.S. House and Senate to address the suicide epidemic among veterans represent a good start to addressing this issue. The legislation is aimed at shoring up some mental health programs for veterans, and offers some incentives to hire more psychiatrists or speed up wait times for vets needing to see […]

Hagel never shirked his duty

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has suddenly become responsible for the shellacking delivered to the Obama administration on Nov. 4. He is the sole cabinet secretary to have lost his job at this point. At least Joe Biden had the good graces to be upset at the way the Hagel resignation was handled by the […]

It all comes down to property rights

Those who oppose “illegal immigration” should push for a constitutional amendment to finally make immigration control and closed borders constitutional (therefore, legal). In clear language, with no ambiguity. This would be necessary to make some immigrants “illegal” and end the hypocrisy. Those opposed to “illegal immigration” should obey the highest law before demanding others obey […]

Use extreme adjectives wisely

By Robert Arrowsmith Publisher For those of you that came to the open houses in each market over the past two weeks, thank you for stopping by and it was a pleasure to meet you. For those who would still like to stop by and meet me or one of the other department heads, or […]

Balderas already delivering on promises

Attorney General-elect Hector Balderas isn’t wasting any time — his transition website is up and running ( so that come Jan. 1, the new attorney general will be ready to get to work. Constituents are being invited to send in concerns — that’s important, considering that several of Balderas’ best investigations as state auditor came […]

Politics muddy global warming debate

Politics muddy weather debate By Tom McDonald State columnist Seems you can’t even talk about the weather without stirring up some politics these days. You know the conversation: It’s often borne out of an awkward silence between two or more people, when somebody says something like, “Some weather we’re having, huh?” It’s generally a noncontroversial […]

NM senators wrong to block pipeline project

Pandering to their environmental activist base, 59 Senate Democrats, including Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich, have again declared war on American jobs and rejected a boost to the U.S. economy and another step toward energy independence by blocking congressional approval of the $5.3 billion Keystone XL pipeline project. The proposed nearly 1,200-mile pipeline would carry […]

Plenty for which to be thankful

By Wendel Sloan Local columnist During Thanksgiving, which originated with illegal immigrants celebrating fall harvests with Native Americans until the pale-faces wore out their welcome with entitlement claims, I am thankful for friends daring to post: • “If you weren’t shot in the face for calling your president a ‘Marxist Dictator’ — then he’s probably […]

Slow start puts spaceport at risk

One anchor does not a busy shopping mall make. Spaceport America, reeling from the tragic crash of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo rocket in the Mojave desert, is learning that depending on one major tenant isn’t a solid business plan. In fact, it’s discouraging to learn that Spaceport management is only now putting together a marketing plan […]

Justice system should not be monopoly

By Kent McManigal Local columnist A horrific local crime has again shown the folly of allowing a monopoly on providing the service of justice — a monopoly that arose, not by providing a superior service no one could beat, but imposed through destructive laws. A monopoly in the free market, even one that provides an […]

Internet foils revisionist history

By Rube Render Local columnist Anyone following the epic saga of Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obama Care, has to be amazed at the number of videos that demonstrate Gruber’s disdain for the average American voter. He is obviously a believer in H.L. Mencken’s dictum, “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the […]

Pay attention to road signs, drivers

By Robert Arrowsmith Publisher This past week I have been reintroduced to driving in the south under, let’s just say, less than ideal circumstances. In a word: ugh. I have had one issue for some time going on before the weather of this past week even hit. Too many people do not know how to […]