Same approach to truancy not fixing problem

Habitual truancy has been on New Mexico’s radar, and in its public coffers, since at least 2003, when then-Gov. Bill Richardson tried to launch a million-dollar-a-year program to combat it. Since then, habitual truancy, defined as 10 or more unexcused absences in a year, has been a given in New Mexico. State statistics from 2006 […]

McManigal: Government ‘help’ solves nothing

If you want something done, do it without forcing your will on anyone else, and without forcing others to pay for what you want. Good ideas don’t require force. After the recent SpaceX rocket explosion, I saw someone arguing that this was why space exploration should be left to governments, thus financed with taxation. After […]

Render: Hillary’s racism claims slanderous

Anyone who thinks Pharisees became extinct with the dawning of the New Testament need only review Hillary Clinton’s remarks to her audience of elite donors when, with a casual flick of her wrist, she asserted that 50 percent of Trump supporters were in a “basket of deplorables” that included racists, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes and islamophobes. […]

McRaven protest message deserves national attention

“It marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. It rocketed into space on the shoulder patches of women, gays, Hispanic, Asian and African American astronauts.” What is “it”? This isn’t a quiz, and that question is why normally we don’t start a sentence with “it.” So let us end the false suspense: “It” is the American […]

McDonald: Trump lies insult to intelligence

Take a deep breath, I tell myself, it’s only campaign hyperbole. We’ve witnessed election-year spin over and over through the years. But last week’s remarks by Donald Trump are breathtaking in their intended deception. It turns out, Trump declared after years of fanning the flames of the “birther controversy,” that President Barack Obama was born […]

Sloan: Taco truck idea food for thought

When Marco Gutierrez, a founder of Latinos for Trump, suggested Mexican immigrants could lead to taco trucks on every corner, voters salivated. My favorite meme showed Forrest Gump running down a highway toward a taco truck. Candidates could butter-up voters by expanding the taco-truck-on-every-corner concept. Inspired by Forrest Gump, politicians could offer pan-fried, stir-fried, deep-fried, […]

Wilson: You can have a million dollars, but…

I want a million dollars. But my Powerball chances aren’t that good. And my chances of a lucrative career in journalism? Well, let’s see that Powerball ticket again. But there’s still imagination, or sometimes even a funny video. In a conversation I had with a friend, we discussed an awful scenario that we would both […]

Laws to limit drone use waste of time

Clovis’ planning and zoning commissioners talked about drones last week. More specifically, they talked about whether they should try and control them. They can’t. And they should not. P&Z Commissioner Carolyn Spence said she’s heard complaints about the small, remotely controlled aircraft from area residents. One person told Spence he saw a drone take a […]

Full disclosure of candidate health is vital

The nation is about to elect one of its oldest presidents. On inauguration day, Donald Trump would be 70, the oldest president ever elected. Hillary Clinton would be 69, the second-oldest president, right behind Ronald Reagan. There are many indicators of a candidate’s ability to endure the stresses of the presidency beyond medical records. Nonetheless, […]

McManigal: Liberty, anarchy go hand in hand

What’s the difference between a libertarian and an anarchist? Libertarians advocate liberty. Specifically, maximum liberty and minimum government, because the two are inversely related. The more of one you have, the less you have of the other. What’s the minimum level of government you can impose on others? “That government is best which governs least,” […]

Render: Hillary’s issues not good for office

The Hillary Clinton interviews recently released by the FBI indicate she answered many of the questions concerning her email server with “I don’t remember.” Among the details she could not recall were the date she got her security clearance and the specialized training required to manage Special Access Programs. When pressed, she further explained that, […]

Department of Aging looks bad for firing advocate

It’s absurd that the state Department of Aging and Long-Term Services would fire a long-time advocate for the elderly because she did the right thing — followed state law by releasing properly redacted records of ombudsman visits to boarding homes in Las Vegas, New Mexico. The department claims the reports were exempt from disclosure under […]

McDonald: Way to control stress is to unplug

In the beginning, people communicated face-to-face, or at least within earshot of each other. It was primitive but effective enough, and the social creature we call “human” evolved into the dominant species we are today. Then came long-distance communication through messengers and the mail, followed by the invention of the telegraph to speed it all […]

‘Keep it in the Ground’ easier said than done

There’s something deceptively appealing about ultimatums, the black-and-white totality of a “Just Say No” or “Keep it in the Ground” campaign. But despite their simplistic appeal, every parent of a teenager will tell you ultimatums rarely work unless the proper supports are in place. Studies show former first lady Nancy Reagan’s zero-tolerance anti-drug campaign failed […]

Sloan: Some things mean zilch in politics

Issues I find non-substantive in the presidential race include: • Clinton’s health: We all die. • Trump’s hair: Most jokes about genetics are lame. • Clinton’s emails: I don’t understand why she used a private email server, but I know she won’t do it again. Politicians, like the rest of us, should be allowed to […]

Wilson: I had quite a good round after all

It stood in the corner, reminding me of so many mornings I found better things to do. But today was Labor Day, and I really had nothing better to do than hit the city par 3 golf course. Since I returned to New Mexico from vacation with a set of clubs at the end of […]

Render: ‘Seinfeld’ proving quite prescient

The television sitcom “Seinfeld” ran for nine seasons on NBC.  Ostensibly described as a show about nothing, the series chronicled the lives of Jerry Seinfeld’s friends in New York City. Originally airing from 1989 to 1998, I never got into the habit of watching it, but when the series went into syndication with two episodes […]

McManigal: Prohibition as dangerous as addiction

Drugs can make people crazy. For proof, just look what drugs have done to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. His craziness apparently doesn’t come from taking drugs but from his murderous lust to prohibit them. Like so many prohibitionists in the U.S. He’s a perfect role model for supporters of the stupid and evil War on […]

Editorial: State retirements need level playing field

For many private-sector workers, the concept of saving for retirement is a just a dream. Would if I could afford to. Would if I had access to a retirement plan. But I don’t. About two dozen states are considering how to make saving for retirement more of a possibility for private-sector employees. Seven are moving […]

Door open for EpiPen competition

A whopping 547 percent increase! Ka-ching! The price for a two-pack of life-saving EpiPens has risen from about $94 to about $608 over eight years. Good for Mylan N.V. investors. Not so much for consumers. Of course, Mylan, which owns the rights to market EpiPens, says it’s not price gouging with a product that’s been […]