Feds responsible for cleaning spill in timely fashion

An estimated $100 million cleanup has finally started pulling contamination from the underground fuel spill on Kirtland Air Force Base. The state recently received a $73.25 million settlement from the federal government for a radiation leak at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in Carlsbad (that cleanup cost is estimated at $500 million and the nation’s […]

McManigal: Government less honest thieves

What do you want badly enough you are willing to steal to acquire, and kill those who resist your theft? For some people it is a smart phone, a pair of expensive athletic shoes, money, or a car. For others, it’s a fighter jet, a social net, public schools, safety, or something else they really […]

Render: IRS incompetent; training no help

The Senate Finance Committee recently released a bipartisan report on the IRS scandal that began in 2013. Depending on which news report you review they generally begin with something akin to, “Two years after being dragged through an embarrassing scandal stemming from allegations that Lois Lerner, a senior IRS official, wrongfully targeted conservative groups…” Left […]

Evaluations now as they should be

It took two rounds of evaluations and lots of listening sessions, but the New Mexico Public Education Department has changed its protocol for rating new teachers, as well as for those who teach subjects not covered by standardized tests. And despite the union line that it creates an unfair two-tier system — “a shell game” […]

McDonald: Nice to wave goodbye to drought

Seems New Mexico’s drought is over. Let the flooding begin. The drought actually began to noticeably subside a couple of years ago, and has now disappeared altogether in nearly all of the eastern side of New Mexico. The U.S. Drought Monitor, which was covered in blood red (the color used for exceptional drought) just a […]

Finding right police chief not an easy task

Clovis City Manager Larry Fry is getting ready to make his most important decision since coming to town in April. It’s good to see he has 17 applicants for the city’s police chief job, including a mix of local talent and options from seven other states. He’ll also be hiring a new fire chief in […]

Sloan: Shouldn’t call the fuzz on this one

Editor’s Note: Dear Cuzins is written by cousins Chef Juandel, The Anglo Mariachi Cowboy and Bootlegger Sloan. Dear Cuzins, While attending a funeral in east Texas, an apparent garage-sale-veteran pilfered my lawnmower from my carport. If they’d mow my yard once a month, I wouldn’t mind. Thankfully, they left my 32-inch bicycle. Should I contact […]

Wilson: This heat makes me wonder

When it gets hot like this, I find I can barely hold a solid thought in my head. But, I can wonder: • As the cashier rang up my lunch a few days ago, he made the friendly chit-chat, “How’s your day so far?” Not having much conversation ready, I answered honestly. “Hot. Your air […]

New donations to foundation no coincidence

If you believe in coincidence, that would explain the flood of new donations so far this year from powerful and politically connected people to the Clinton Foundation just as Hillary Rodham Clinton is ramping up her presidential campaign. An Associated Press analysis of donors for the first half of this year shows those increasing their […]

McManigal: Time to make stand against tyranny

When did chickens become big news in Clovis? When local bullies decided to use them as justification for pushing people around. It may seem trivial to worry about whether or not the city allows chickens, but it’s a symptom of a pervasive problem: violation of self determination and property rights. The attitude that causes government […]

Render: Planned Parenthood denials hollow

More than 160,000 people have signed a petition urging the U.S. government to extradite Walker Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota, to Zimbabwe after he shot and killed Cecil the lion. There appears to be greater outrage over Cecil than over the 330,000 “products of conception” aborted by Planned Parenthood annually. The Center for Medical Progress […]

Faithful will still gather to pray despite bombing

The notion that churchgoers, gathered together in a place of peace, would have their Sunday worship shattered by a bomb blast is unthinkable. Yet on Sunday, two churches in Las Cruces faced such a violation. The FBI is investigating, and little is known about why bombs were placed by the churches. Thankfully, no one was […]

McDonald: Local partisan politics ineffective

Sometimes I edit myself too tightly. Last week’s column, on how party politics plays itself out in some of the smaller cities around the state, is one example. I meant to expound on my point that partisan politics is often ineffective in local decision-making, but I pulled up short. As a result, I was criticized […]

Sloan: Be there for those who have lost

Recently, I drove 1,200 miles round-trip to the funeral of the 85-year-old father of three sibling friends from high school. I admired their hard-working father and his wonderful late wife, but did not know him particularly well. So why did I go? Because when my mother died in 2010, his oldest daughter went above and […]

Wilson: Cream soda underrated, Trump isn’t

I’ve got a friend visiting in a few weeks for his job. We’ve known each other around 15 years, and I’m guessing our distance is the only way we’ve remained friends. We have different upbringings, political beliefs, etc., and the things we agree on boil down to: The problem isn’t gay marriage; the problem is […]

Chicken debate shows hypocrisy in city ordinance

Mary-Beth Bouchard has decided to fight city hall. Good for her. Rather than give up the chickens that lounge around her yard on Maple Street in Clovis, she says she will go to court and argue her case on Aug. 18. “It’s not just about me, it’s about many others in the area who have […]

Education key to preventing drug overdoses

New Mexico has a nasty habit of landing at or near the top of the list of states with the highest drug overdose death rates, and the state Health Department isn’t making any headway toward reversing that trend. Despite some recent efforts to lower that statistic, our state still has the second-highest number of per […]

McManigal: Today’s rules violate natural law

I don’t want the “law” applied to everyone equally, not when the “law” violates rightful liberty. What I want is for no one to have their liberty violated by any law whatsoever. If one neighbor is being harassed for the height of her grass, and another — who has the right connections — is being […]

Render: Illinois pension fix hurts both ways

There are many state and municipal governments that find themselves in perilous financial straits due primarily to their underfunded pension plans. An underfunded pension plan means that the value of the plans’ assets is less than liabilities for current workers and retirees. According to “Bloomberg Visual Data,” Illinois, with a ratio of 39.3 percent is […]

Sloan: Book includes many eye-openers

My book-of-the-month-summary for July is “The Blank Slate” (Viking, 2002) by Steven Pinker. It is impossible to summarize 509 pages in 300 words, but Pinker says being born a blank slate is a myth. Discoveries in the sciences of mind, brain, genes and evolution debunk “fantastical beliefs flaunted as proof of one’s piety” that moral […]