Sloan: Death has appealing advantages

Although in no rush to stop breathing, I foresee advantages. Among the mundane, I won’t have to: • Wash dishes, mow grass, vacuum dog hair, attend interminable meetings, be disturbed by telemarketers, endure noisy children at movies, beat a dead horse about the medium being secondary to the message, shed tears of boredom from candidates […]

Burroughes: United Way a community blessing


Our High Plains communities face many needs and challenges in caring for and protecting those most compromised by the knocks and blows life can bring to any one of us at any time. United Way’s roots began in 1887 when church leaders in Denver began coordinating services and fundraising for 22 agencies. For more than […]

Iran deal won’t receive blessing of elected reps

The charade that was the U.S. Senate’s vote last week on the Iran nuclear agreement continued Tuesday when Democrats again blocked a resolution to reject the controversial pact. With 42 votes in the Democrats’ back pocket, both votes were shy (two last week and four on Tuesday) of the 60 needed to advance a bill […]

McManigal: Appeal of statism understandable

Since it’s a good idea to try to understand the opposition, I try to understand non-libertarians. I’m not speaking of those who are not part of the Libertarian Party (neither am I), but those who reject the ideas that it is wrong to use violence against those who are neither being violent nor violating property, […]

Render: Government operates with impunity

The speed limit on Highway 60 between Fort Sumner and Vaughn is 55 mph. I regularly use this road on my travels and don’t believe I’ve ever encountered anyone driving that slowly. Based on an old adage, I operate on the presumption that the highway patrol will “give you five and loan you five” before […]

Governor correct about reforming higher education

Gov. Susana Martinez came to her higher education summit armed with specific strategies, not vague platitudes. The problem, as she outlined it last week, is New Mexico has a dismal record when it comes to (1) preparing high school students for college and (2) having college students graduate within four years. Those facts are costly […]

Hansen: Granddaughter’s school well chosen

On Labor Day, my granddaughter donned a red cardigan and a navy skirt and leotards to spend her first day as an English schoolgirl. She entered the fourth year at an English school near the Air Force base at which her dad is stationed. That’s the equivalent of third grade, where she belongs chronologically. While […]

Inmate drugs need better regulation

Getting high while in the clink apparently isn’t so difficult in New Mexico. And not just from illegal drugs smuggled into the prisons. The rate of prescribed heavy-duty psychotropic drugs to inmates in state prison is rising, quite significantly. And while there are mentally ill inmates who need these meds prescribed for depression, schizophrenia, bipolar […]

McManigal: Kentucky clerk’s morals fall flat

Everyone seems to have an opinion about the Kentucky county clerk who was jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses. First of all it needs to be understood that everyone has a right to live by their faith, but no one has a right to a government job — a right that can’t exist. […]

Render: Hillary lacks competence, judgment

There are two issues facing Hillary Clinton that have a direct impact on her capability to function as president. These issues are her judgment and her competence. The first issue concerns her use of an unsecured system to perform the duties of secretary of state. It is mind boggling to think that someone who has […]

No ‘affordable’ or ‘care’ in Obama’s act

“I’m clear we have a long way to go.” — U.S. Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham, D-N.M., on the Affordable Care Act Five years into the 2,409-page Affordable Care Act, many New Mexicans are still asking where the “affordable” is. As well as the “care.” The controversial act, also known as Obamacare, provided for expanded Medicaid […]

McDonald: Much to see on state’s ‘space trail’

Did you know that New Mexico has a “space trail?” It includes more than 50 specific locations around the state and spans the ages — from a mountaintop called Wizard’s Roost in Lincoln County, where prehistoric New Mexicans aligned stones to the summer and winter solstices, to the Socorro County’s Magdalena Ridge Observatory, one of […]

Duran should resign before impeachment

New Mexico House Speaker Don Tripp, a Republican, is taking criminal charges against Secretary of State Dianna Duran, also a Republican, seriously. That’s as it should be. Potential wrongdoing by officeholders should not be another move in the endless chess game of partisan politics, or another chance to score points against opponents. That Tripp wants […]

Sloan: Memories of Jerry, a life changer

No matter how ill-fated your life, all it takes is one person to turn it around. Portales music professor/opera singer Jean Ornellas met her life-changer 31 years ago on a date arranged by mutual friends. They became an instant, devoted couple until Jerry’s sudden death in 2008 from cerebral hemorrhaging. “Jerry was a gentleman. He […]

Wilson: Problem is government in marriage

Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis sits in jail. She is held there under a judge’s order. The office she was duly elected to is now issuing marriage licenses again, be they straight or gay — the latter the reason Davis ordered the office to stop issuing licenses in the first place. Former Arkansas Gov. and […]

Denali name change nothing to go on about

The renaming of a mountain in Alaska is hardly a moment for heated debate. After all, the people in Alaska already call Mount McKinley by its original Athabascan name, Denali. That President Barack Obama announced this week he is restoring the original name is a tribute to the Native peoples of Alaska and to a […]

McManigal: Non-Libertarians cause of trouble

What’s one of the fastest ways to get in serious trouble? By acting in ways libertarians warn against. Can this be right? Aren’t libertarians supposed to be troublemakers who oppose cooperation and generosity? Aren’t they known as rugged individualists who advocate “every man for himself?” Think again. The heart of libertarianism is the principle that […]

Render: President sure isn’t a bronc rider

The University of Tennessee has told its staff and students to stop calling each other “he,” “she,” “him” and “her” — and to start referring to one another with terms like “xe,” “zir” and “xyr” instead. This should come as no surprise to anyone who follows news at any level whatsoever. After all, the government […]

McDonald: Grand jury suggested to fight slayings

There’s a big story in Roswell, with tragic and unfortunate legs. It’s the rash of high-profile homicides that’s gripping this city of 50,000 people. The latest victims, as of this writing, are three people who may have been gunned down while sleeping. Since I came to the Roswell Daily Record in May, we’ve had a […]

Remember county ignored voters to secure upgrades

Right about a year ago, Curry County commissioners decided they were tired of asking taxpayers to fund projects at the jail and the courthouse. More precisely, they were tired of taxpayers rejecting their requests. And so commissioners — like robbers — just told us to stick ’em up. They got away with more than $14 […]