State in position to be renewable energy leader

The wind is blowing in a new U.S. energy direction, and New Mexico’s natural resources should again put the state in a good position. Over the last decade, coal has dropped from generating half of U.S. electricity to one-third, The Associated Press reports. But low natural gas prices, largely as a result of the boom […]

McManigal: Laws sign of corrupt government

People complain about government corruption, at least when they notice it interfering with their own life. They realize it’s a problem, and usually believe something should be done about it. They are adept at pointing out this poisonous fruit without observing the diseased tree on which it grows. With their continued support of that which […]

Render: White guys not really Chinese women

Currently making the rounds on the internet is a video of a young man who is a 5-foot-9-inch Caucasian interviewing a few students at the University of Washington with questions about his identity. He begins the interview by asking whether or not they are aware of the transgendered bathroom issue being debated at the university. […]

Massive B-52B Stratofortress worth preserving

Almost as impressive as the massive B-52B Stratofortress parked outside the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History in Albuquerque is the speed at which the museum surpassed its goal of raising $60,000 in 30 days to return the bomber to its former glory. On April 1, the museum kicked off a month-long campaign to […]

McDonald: It’s an honor to work in local news

A little more than three years ago, I started my own business, Gazette Media Services LLC. That happened after eight years running the Las Vegas Optic for its corporate owner. I wanted to carve out my own niche, and one of the first and most important things I accomplished was to create the Community News […]

Today’s children facing different kind of reality

The horrific death of 11-year-old Ashlynne Mike near the Shiprock Pinnacle on the Navajo Nation is a tragic reminder that, no matter how vigilantly children are taught to be wary of strangers, danger can lurk nearby. On Monday, after getting off the school bus, Ashlynne and her 9-year-old brother, Ian Mike, lingered near an irrigation […]

A day in the mind of Wendel Sloan

Random thoughts: • I understand concerns about the transgender bathroom issue, but if someone wants to harm opposite-sex children, can’t they simply dress up as the opposite sex without going through the emotional turmoil, pain and expense of surgery? My impression is transgender persons simply want to live an authentic life. I admire their courage, […]

Wilson: Real talk will stop meme problem

“Miss Rodriguez, tear down this meme.” Nope, doesn’t have the same gusto. I’m guessing you joined this discussion a little late, or you just don’t pay attention to legislation in other countries. A member of Mexico’s congressional body named Martha Orta Rodriguez wants to criminalize the dangerous meme trade. What is an internet meme, you […]

Waller test rules for public trials good guidance

The New Mexico Supreme Court is poised to consider a set of rules that would provide judges with needed guidelines and procedures for those rare instances in which they consider closing a courtroom to the public. A 1984 U.S. Supreme Court case, Waller v. Georgia, set up a four-criteria test for determining under what circumstances […]

McManigal: Libertarian society already exists

One of the minor amusements of publicly promoting a society that respects the rightful liberty of each individual are those who object by proclaiming “You’re wasting your time. We will never live in a libertarian society.” They are missing the point. We already live in such a society. In fact, if society weren’t mostly libertarian, […]

Render: Trump good match against Hillary

During the middle of June last year, Donald Trump joined a group of what would become 17 candidates fighting for the Republican nomination to become president of the United States. That field would include nine sitting or former governors, four sitting senators, one former U.S. representative, a renowned surgeon, and two business executives. The field […]

State should be compensated for taken land

State Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn came out with rhetorical guns blazing last week when it was announced that state Trust Land was among two areas within the Rio Grande National Monument near Taos that were included in the U.S. Senate’s energy bill for wilderness status, calling the move a “land grab” that is “tantamount to […]

McDonald: Being a cop requires accountability

It’s tough to be a cop these days. It always has been, but in today’s climate it’s particularly difficult. And it’s not just nationally, it’s local too, right here in cities and towns across New Mexico. Nationally, a new era of aggressive scrutiny of police shootings rose out of Ferguson, Missouri, when an 18-year-old black […]

Nice that school board’s making effort to do right

A little sunshine made its way into a public meeting last week. Portales’ school board acknowledged its recent failure in adhering to the state’s Open Meetings Act, then took action to correct errors and make the public’s business a little more transparent. The board on April 12 went into executive session, saying it planned to […]

Best journalism involves digging

While attending the recent New Mexico Press Women Convention (open to everyone) in Albuquerque, I heard several panelists discuss the state of journalism. With so many competing news sources, staff sizes have been sliced. Thousands of veteran journalists have lost their jobs, with newspapers and broadcast media often retaining less experienced and lower paid reporters. […]

Letters to the editor — May 1

Golf course reflects great community As a 12-year-old kid first introduced to golf in Montana, I did not care that we only had a nine-hole course. It didn’t matter that our course had no water hazards or sand traps. Golf was far too challenging anyway. It didn’t matter to me if the greens were mowed […]

McManigal: Long past time to reject government

George Washington may have once said something along the lines of: “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence — it is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” Actually, he probably didn’t say it. With quotes, though, it doesn’t matter who said it as long as it’s true. So, […]

Render: Election math needs explaining

Both major political parties hold state quadrennial conventions every four years. The purpose of these conventions is to elect delegates who will attend a national convention and cast their votes for a presidential nominee. For the last three presidential election cycles, the nominee of the Republican party has already been decided by the time of […]

Governor’s plan will help state with DWI reform

Gov. Susana Martinez is using an $800,000 federal grant and Twitter to help New Mexicans better play that age-old memory game “Whatever happened to …?” when it comes to drunken driving. Now they will be able to also answer the “why?” And then do something about it. As in “Whatever happened to Gordon House — […]

Diversity key to country’s energy security

Energy can be a strategic weapon, not just a commodity, and oil production has become a key lever in a price war between the U.S. and foreign oil producers that are targeting the U.S. oil industry. American producers are up against tough and unfair competition from massive government-owned companies that recently declined to curtail production […]