Wilson: Senate not ‘letting voters decide’

Author Upton Sinclair once noted, “It is difficult to make a man understand something, when his salary depends on him not understanding it.” And that’s where we are, four weeks after the sudden death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. During a Republican presidential debate later that night, candidates argued President Obama should ignore his […]

Phone case about justice, not tech company’s edge

Authorities need a court order for a wiretap to listen in on your phone conversations. They need a judge to sign off on a warrant to search your house. So why should searching your cellphone be any different, if the judicial process has been followed? Apple Inc. and the federal government are battling over accessing […]

McManigal: Power in courtroom belongs to you

Picture yourself on a jury, realizing that even though the defendant broke the law, the law is wrong. Must you obey the judge’s commands to consider only whether the law was broken? Or can you do more? Actually you can, and should, do more. You have hundreds of years of legal history behind you, empowering […]

Render: Delegates run show at convention

After the Republican primaries on Tuesday, political pundits, analysts and gurus of any and all persuasions are examining the possibility of a contested national convention. Opinions range from never happen, to a distinct possibility, to lead-pipe cinch that the convention will be contested. Donald Trump, the leader in the delegate count, said in an interview […]

Right to demand accountability for mine spill

T he U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says it was all an accident when its team breached the Gold King Mine and spilled 3 million gallons of toxic wastewater into the Animas River. It says the water quality returned to normal just weeks after wastewater laden with more than 880,000 pounds of metals hit the river […]

McDonald: Capital expenditure needs reform

March 9 was a deadline for Gov. Susana Martinez. That was her last day to either sign into law measures passed in the recently adjourned legislative session or kill them off with a veto. According to nmpoliticalreport.com, 101 bills were passed during the session that ended a month ago. Among the meatier measures to make […]

Sloan: I’d be cheap alternative to Trump

Although I’d rather spend election season on the sidelines (where I spent most of my high school career), if Republicans can’t find anyone to out-trump Trump, for a few pesos I am willing to throw my sombrero in the ring. Here are my ideas to woo away Trump’s storm-troopers. • After tearing up the Iranian […]

Williams: Sunshine should be high priority

Closed-door budget talks and a failed effort to create a transparent ethics commission largely shaded the recent New Mexico legislative session from sunlight, but 2016 did see two incremental victories for transparency. Sunshine Week is today through Saturday. The Sunshine Week campaign works nationwide to celebrate transparency and emphasize the value of open government. Here […]

Government has no business in our bedrooms

We can all agree the recent arrests of a Clovis mother and adult son on charges of incest are troubling, on multiple levels. But the criminal court system is not  the best place to resolve that issue. Whatever objections one might have here — from morality to the physical and psychological health of everyone connected […]

Nancy Reagan, advocate, warrior, will be missed

Whether you liked her or not, Nancy Reagan was a force to be reckoned with. Not only was the former actress elegant and striking, she was an apparent behind-the-scenes warrior and fierce defender of her movie star/governor of California/president of the United States husband, Ronald Reagan — her beloved “Ronnie.” Nancy Reagan died Sunday at […]

McManigal: Laws make problems, not solutions

Every time someone gets a bee in their bonnet over a possible problem, you can be sure a new law will be presented as the solution. If we have learned nothing else from history, we should have learned laws don’t solve anything. People who dream up laws ignore the reality that others will adapt and […]

Render: Clinton finds opportunity in crises

In 2011, during the heady days of the Arab Spring, the U.S. armed forces were involved in an unauthorized kinetic military event that would eventually lead to the death of deposed Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Although now almost forgotten, Hillary Clinton’s role in that story remains available via the following email chain initiated by Sidney […]

FDA responsible for stopping drug monopolies

The common practice has been that after a pharmaceutical drug’s patent has expired, its cost would go down as generic versions became available. But that no longer seems to be the routine. For instance, The Associated Press reports that research published in the medical journal, JAMA Dermatology, found that the prices customers paid for brand […]

McDonald: Trump-Sanders ticket revolutionary

Last week, on the night of Super Tuesday, one of my brothers who lives in Memphis, Tennessee called me up to talk about the presidential primaries. The conversation turned lively in a hurry as we went from politics to talk of the “revolutions” now underway in our nation. Let me begin by telling you about […]

UNM weapon policy should be made clear

Is allowing college students and staff to carry stun guns on campus a good idea? University of New Mexico officials are considering a no answer. On the drafting table is a policy that would prohibit them. But this week, neither the campus police department nor the university’s policy office could say exactly what the current […]

Sloan: Thank electricity for easier lives

No one invented electricity. According to Universe.com, for more than 2,000 years it was discovered and harnessed in incremental steps. Benjamin Franklin’s 1752 key-on-a-kite experiment only established the connection between lightning and electricity. Around 600 BC, the Greeks discovered rubbing fur on amber (fossilized tree resin) caused static electricity. In the 1930s, archaeologists discovered ancient […]

Cantwell: So, I underestimated freak show

His call was inevitable. Barney from New Jersey is both my friend and my nemesis. He thinks little of New Mexico or my journalistic efforts. He is a big fan of Donald Trump. “Hi, Barney, how’s the kiddos?” I chirped. “ The kiddos left the house 30 years ago,” he growled. “You know why I […]

Nice that city leader gets fair government

Ladona Clayton has only been playing politics for a few weeks now, and she’s apparently not familiar with the clawing and biting techniques usually associated with this nasty game. The rookie has been liking her opponents’ comments and videos on Facebook, she’s been focusing on issues and — gasp! — she’s even open to compromise […]

Liberty, like muscle, needs exercise

Last weekend I went to Palo Duro Canyon to recharge. I wandered through the brush, over the hills, along the creek, exploring whatever caught my eye. It’s something I don’t do nearly as often as I need to. The next day I could tell I had been using muscles I don’t normally use. Sometimes discomfort […]

GOP elites are painted into corner

I have stated repeatedly and publicly that I am not a campaign shill for Donald Trump. What follows is reality as I see it for the upcoming election. When Trump entered the current presidential campaign, rumors began to circulate that if he lost the primary vote Trump would initiate a third-party campaign. This scenario would […]