Bostwick: Prairie chicken fight continues

In what has become a cast of dozens of litigants, New Mexico counties, conservation districts and livestock organizations continue to push for fair treatment from the federal government in relation to lesser prairie chickens and their habitat. In March 2014 the U.S Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) listed the lesser prairie chicken as “threatened” under […]

Sloan: Happiness after divorce a choice

My book-summary-of-the-month for April is Jane Thompson Hasenmuelle’s “Choosing Happiness After Divorce: A Woman’s 52 Week Guide to Living a Positive Life.” Thompson lived in the Clovis/Portales area from 1977-2003, where her children were raised and two still live. As described on Amazon, her book “helps women regain their perspective, adjust to a redefined relationship […]

Vaccinations vital in keeping children healthy

In 2009, only 46 percent of New Mexico children had received all the recommended vaccinations. In 2013, 65.7 percent of New Mexico children were fully up to date on their shots. And while that means 34 percent of children weren’t, it is important to recognize the effort that moved New Mexico from having less than […]

McManigal: Taxation, even of the rich, is theft

Many people want “the rich” punished through taxation. They are seeking to use government to steal from the rich on their behalf — knowing it would be wrong to take it in person. Two of their favorite weapons are “estate taxes” and taxing “big business” more. Perhaps they mistake the tax collector for Robin Hood. […]

Render: Hillary doesn’t realize she’s on top

The campaign to elect a president is well and truly under way. Prior to last Sunday, folks had been asking me, “So what do you think about the candidates for president?” The question Sunday was, “Are you getting ready for the elections in 2016?” Soon the question will be, “So who are you Republicans going […]

Upended flag, freedom has consequences

Most rules of etiquette tell us the United States flag should never be displayed upside down except as a signal of distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property. According to the Supreme Court, however, punishment for violating this rule is unconstitutional as a violation of free speech, on the federal level. In […]

Politics involved in police behavior

By Tom McDonald State columnist With all the heat that police officers are taking lately, I’m thinking it’s a good time to bring up a related topic — the politics that infiltrates police departments everywhere. Admittedly, my perspective on the inner workings of law enforcement operations is a bit antiquated, since it’s been years since […]

All law officers in field should have cameras on

A video is a convincing piece of evidence. In light of the recent rash of officer-involved shootings across the nation, one thing is clear: Body-worn and dash cameras are essential to modern policing because they provide real-time information. Prior to their increasingly widespread use, determining what really happened depended on what officers, suspects and witnesses […]

Divorce a teacher of hard knocks

By Wendel Sloan Local columnist Here is the third installment of divorce stories from female readers: • “It was heartbreaking, and we were devastated, but through the process of divorce we became closer than when married … The hardest part after 12 years is wondering if it was a mistake.” • “My first divorce at […]

There really are things to do here

By Robert Arrowsmith Publisher I hear it often. I hear it from multiple age groups, in several of our communities. I’m told kids cannot wait to get out of town because of it. Supposedly there is nothing to do here. Every time I hear it, my question in response is: What do you wish was […]

CYFD secretary should be held to her word

The indictment of a mental health counselor accused of giving drugs to and having sex with a male juvenile inmate at the state-run Lincoln Pines Youth Center could only have happened with a shocking breakdown in protocols and a serious breach of trust. The Children Youth and Families Department mandates a line of sight view […]

Roundabout still better than lights

By Kent McManigal Local columnist I’ve noticed new pavement markings at the Clovis roundabout, the premier driving entertainment venue in our area and star of a Youtube video. These pavement markings have the same hieroglyphics as the signs you might notice on the roadside as you approach. I’m not sure the added expense of painting […]

Iran framework reminiscent of past

By Rube Render Local columnist In September of 1938, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain signed the Munich Pact that gave Adolf Hitler portions of Czechoslovakia. Chamberlain then returned home to popular acclaim. Old photos picture the prime minister waving the document as he professes that he has secured “peace for our time.” The incident caused […]

Local papers vital to community

By Tom McDonald State columnist Every weekend, from my home office in Las Vegas, New Mexico, I find myself knee-deep in some old-fashion community journalism. It’s not a hobby. It’s for a news service I created two years ago next month — the New Mexico Community News Exchange, or CNEx for short. The service includes […]

Candidates’ shift in less taxation encouraging

Today, April 15, is the day everybody hates the IRS — everybody, that is, who has waited until today or just before to grudgingly send in their tax forms and checks. Those who received refunds, however, have probably already spent them, many thinking they are bonus checks. What those who send and those who receive […]

VA wait times should already have improved

Despite a new — and supposedly better — treatment plan, this patient has shown little improvement. It’s been a year since revelations of long waits for medical treatment at the nation’s Veterans Affairs medical facilities — and attempts to hide the problem — rocked the nation. In some cases veterans died while waiting to be […]

Living a good life is best revenge

By Wendel Sloan Local columnist Here are more divorce stories from female readers: • “I had to raise my boys without child support (it doesn’t matter what the courts say). For 15 years I balanced two to three jobs, made their games between work schedules, and kept up with their homework. “There was no time […]

Every step helps fill water bucket

By Robert Arrowsmith Publisher I have to admit, there have been some interesting ideas recently on ways the public can conserve water, including purchasing low-flow toilets. You know me by now; I love to look at numbers and different ways to interpret them. Did you know, according to a 2010 report by the New Mexico […]

It’s time Saudi Arabia defends itself without us

President Obama has been taken to task by two Middle East experts writing in the Wall Street Journal for keeping our Mideast allies in doubt to the point that they are sending their own troops in to combat ISIS, the psychopathic gang that calls itself an army of God. To these experts, David Schenker and […]

We don’t need another bad law

By Kent McManigal Local columnist The new “Religious Freedom Restoration” laws are wrong and misguided. But not for the reason you might think. They are not wrong because they supposedly give people the right to choose to not do business with someone for religious reasons, but because everyone already has that right. It’s called “the […]