Arrowsmith: It’s TV; no one made you buy it

To all of you who feel like you were duped, misled, cheated out of the $100 you spent on the fight last weekend, I have this to say: It’s television. This has been going on since the beginning of television, ever since the big scandal involving the game shows in the 1950s. If you are […]

Alcohol issue shouldn’t be decided by vote

Muleshoe voters go to the polls on Saturday to consider “the legal sale of all alcoholic beverages for off-premise consumption only.” Opponents say they’re trying to maintain “the safest, most wholesome environment possible for raising our kids and for the citizens of our community.” Supporters contend alcohol is readily available in the community already, and […]

McManigal: Bullying by statists will continue

If, like me, you are unconvinced that coercion, theft, and aggression are proper behaviors to organize a society around (assuming societies can be organized at all) there are a few automatic responses you will repeatedly encounter as people attempt to belittle your position. Besides the standard quip “If you don’t like it, move to Somalia!” […]

Render: Kids not going for healthier diets

In 1980, the U.S Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Agriculture began a joint effort that would provide the public with a Dietary Guideline for Americans. This guide is reviewed and republished every five years, and the Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has just been released. The […]

The state needs to remove its archaic traps

This week marks the second of five public meetings on a proposal to allow trapping of mountain lions on public lands, and it continues what appears to be the New Mexico Game and Fish Department’s standard operating procedure of ignoring vetted science and reliable data in favor of unsubstantiated anecdotes and histrionics. Because if New […]

McDonald: San Miguel codes might hold up

Well, it’s settled. But only for a moment. Mora County officials recently settled with some high-powered plaintiffs in a couple of lawsuits that effectively put an end to the county’s attempt to place permanent ban on oil and gas drilling inside its county lines. Actually, the crux of the lawsuits was settled last January, when […]

Legislature should toughen penalties for brutal crimes

In New Mexico, you can get away with serving just three years for stabbing your girlfriend 19 times. You can sever her nerves and tendons, puncture a lung, a kidney, her intestines, gouge her face, her back, her arm – then ditch the weapon and try to run out the prosecution clock. And if that […]

Sloan: Some women better off divorced

This wraps up a five-week series on divorce from the female perspective with childhood memories from two High Plains residents about their parents splitting up. • “After my mom’s divorce, she struggled with her identity and a sense of failure. She felt especially judged by her church. “I think this was the biggest reason she […]

Arrowsmith: Enough green covers abuse well

Each day I learn more and more, it is about the green. I have been a huge boxing fan most of my life. Last year for my birthday I went to Las Vegas for my first fight. The point is, I am a boxing fan. ESPN last week ran a story on the domestic abuse […]

AG office should be above partisan politics, pandering

When the attorney general of the state of New Mexico is asked for a legal opinion, or to seek redress in a civil matter, or to look into prosecution of an alleged wrongdoing, you expect that office to carry out its duties irrespective of party lines. Ditto when the state auditor is doing the work […]

McManigal: Finance without taxation possible

I am amazed when otherwise intelligent people believe they couldn’t find a way to provide necessary infrastructure and services without committing taxation against their neighbors. It makes me wonder how many abolitionists were accused of hating farms and cotton by those who couldn’t imagine how fields could be worked in the absence of slaves. For […]

Render: Clintons mixed up in uranium deal

Gazprom, a Russian energy company, is generally conceded to be the largest extractor of natural gas in the world. The company provides Europe with about 30 percent of their natural gas. The Russian government currently holds a majority stake in Gazprom and they wield this power diplomatically and strategically when dealing with their European colleagues. […]

Hinckley shouldn’t be confined because of notoriety

A recent Denver Post report revealed Colorado defendants accused of first-degree murder but found not guilty by reason of insanity spent an average of 7.4 years at the state hospital. Colorado is not Washington, D.C., of course, but its experience (and that of other states) with the legally insane does suggest that John Hinckley Jr. […]

McDonald: Men like Dean fewer, farther away

He was a short and stocky man, loud in life and with a laugh to beat all hell. As far as I’m concerned, he’s the most interesting man I’ve ever known. Unfortunately, I lost touch with him years ago, so to protect his privacy I’ll only call him Dean in this writing. I wouldn’t want […]

Airline industry full of security red-flag moments

While top airline industry designers convened in Germany this month to float ideas for making the flying experience more imaginative and downright warm and fuzzy, here’s what was happening on the ground and off. Taken from the pages of the past week’s Albuquerque Journal, reality ranged from several hundred airport perimeter breaches to TSA same-sex […]

Bostwick: Prairie chicken fight continues

In what has become a cast of dozens of litigants, New Mexico counties, conservation districts and livestock organizations continue to push for fair treatment from the federal government in relation to lesser prairie chickens and their habitat. In March 2014 the U.S Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) listed the lesser prairie chicken as “threatened” under […]

Sloan: Happiness after divorce a choice

My book-summary-of-the-month for April is Jane Thompson Hasenmuelle’s “Choosing Happiness After Divorce: A Woman’s 52 Week Guide to Living a Positive Life.” Thompson lived in the Clovis/Portales area from 1977-2003, where her children were raised and two still live. As described on Amazon, her book “helps women regain their perspective, adjust to a redefined relationship […]

Vaccinations vital in keeping children healthy

In 2009, only 46 percent of New Mexico children had received all the recommended vaccinations. In 2013, 65.7 percent of New Mexico children were fully up to date on their shots. And while that means 34 percent of children weren’t, it is important to recognize the effort that moved New Mexico from having less than […]

McManigal: Taxation, even of the rich, is theft

Many people want “the rich” punished through taxation. They are seeking to use government to steal from the rich on their behalf — knowing it would be wrong to take it in person. Two of their favorite weapons are “estate taxes” and taxing “big business” more. Perhaps they mistake the tax collector for Robin Hood. […]

Render: Hillary doesn’t realize she’s on top

The campaign to elect a president is well and truly under way. Prior to last Sunday, folks had been asking me, “So what do you think about the candidates for president?” The question Sunday was, “Are you getting ready for the elections in 2016?” Soon the question will be, “So who are you Republicans going […]