Gessing: Johnson more ‘fically conservative’

Paul Gessing

Is former New Mexico governor and Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson a fiscal conservative? He did veto upward of 700 bills during his two terms as governor, which began in 1995 and 1999 — more than any governor in the nation at the time. But a National Review columnist, James Spiller, argued that Johnson is […]

Editorial: From shovels to circus animals: Odd covers county

Maybe now we know why Curry County Commissioner Chet Spear has been censured by his fellow commissioners: It seems Spear asks too many questions. That, and he wants the answers directly from County Manager Lance Pyle, not from county employees. Yes, it’s weird. Isn’t everything related to the Curry County Commission weird? Last month, four […]

Bungled traffic stop merits full investigation

The plot in the case of the Silver City district attorney who got a free pass on a potential DWI is definitely dark, and it didn’t get much brighter with a belated apology in which the police chief also threw his officers under the bus, even though he was at the scene for a while. […]

McManigal: Free market helps economy grow

How’s the economy treating you? Unless you have a job where people are forced to pay for your services whether they want them or not, things could probably be better. You may have many ideas that could bring in money by offering products and services to people. You just need the chance. The main limiting […]

Render: Melania not only on plagiarizing

I usually write these opinion pieces on Wednesday so there are times when I miss some breaking news event that happens either that day or Thursday prior to publication of the column on Friday. With that in mind, I offer some thoughts on the first few days of the Republican National Convention. Patricia Smith, whose […]

Police, citizens need to pause, breathe, think

You can be part of the problem or part of the solution. That’s what Dallas Police Chief David Brown, who is African-American, said after a dozen of his officers were gunned down during a Black Lives Matter protest by a man who wanted to kill as many white police officers as he could. Five of […]

McDonald: Climate truth inconvenient, but real

It’s hot. Record-breaking hot, for the umpteenth year in a row. Which brings us to an inconvenient truth. And with that lead, I probably lost half of this column’s readership. The truth is not only inconvenient, it angers a lot people. There’s just too much spin-doctoring out there for it to be otherwise. Ten years […]

Officials should unite to protect tribal artifacts

Rep. Steve Pearce, R-New Mexico, wants the Government Accountability Office to recommend reforms to prevent the theft and sale of tribal items. Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-New Mexico, wants to toughen federal laws regarding those who would try to make a buck off federally protected Native American items. Together their efforts seek to end the lax […]

Sloan: Everyone’s stories aren’t obvious

Elly Marez, 52, dropped out of Clovis High School at 15 to get married and have a baby. After moving to Portales with her husband, she had two more children. She and her five brothers and two sisters were raised by a single mom. When she was 8, the three girls were taken from their […]

Wilson: The truth is, it might just be luck

This isn’t a sports column, but in 20 years I’ll be thankful to have watched the careers of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and LeBron James. Tim Duncan, too. The No. 1 pick of the 1997 NBA draft hung it up Monday after 19 seasons only for the San Antonio Spurs. Duncan amassed five […]

DA should tell more credible version of stop

During her primary campaign, District Attorney Francesca Martinez-Estevez said her priorities if she were re-elected would be to continue “the aggressive prosecution of the most violent and dangerous offenders, community safety, victim rights and enhancing community partnerships with law enforcement.” A June 11 traffic stop makes it clear that Martinez-Estevez has cemented her “partnership” with […]

McManigal: Today’s counterfeit laws not ethical

“You are the government” is one of the most useful lies ever crafted by the bullies who mean to enslave you. If you are to blame, you can’t blame anyone else. If a law makes gun ownership or drug use or driving without a seat belt illegal, you can’t really blame the people who wrote […]

Render: Public tired of finesse in politics

Most followers of the political scene these days are familiar with the careful parsing of words Hillary Clinton (Yale Law 1973) used when answering questions about her personal email server. For instance, “I never sent or received any classified information,” became “I never sent or received any information marked classified.” To truly appreciate the brilliance […]

Ag secretary not responsible with fire funds

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack stomped his foot last week, and the nation’s forests should be shaking. That’s because Vilsack told Albuquerque Journal Washington bureau correspondent Michael Coleman that if the U.S. Forest Service, which he oversees, runs out of money to fight fires this summer, it will be up to Congress to give him […]

McDonald: We’re not immune to cop killings

Think all the killings by cops making news these days are exclusive to urban areas? Think again. Here in New Mexico, we’ve had at least five so far this year, and unless I’m missing something, not one in Albuquerque this year. For context, let’s look at some national stats: So far this year, there have […]

First step: Eliminating ‘us vs. them’ mentality

About 50 people gathered Friday outside the Clovis Police Department to pray and show support for local officers following the shooting deaths of police in Dallas on Thursday. One question on everyone’s mind: Could this happen here? We all know the answer is yes. It is certainly possible a Clovis police officer or Roosevelt County […]

Sloan: Cholesterol struggle is real

On the rare occasions people take a break from being outraged over politics, they might use the brief armistices to envision their nemeses as humans. Liberal, conservative or apathetic, everyone has a secret challenge. Former Portales resident Annette Michelle Quintana, 49, an upbeat married mother of three living in Adkins, Texas — near San Antonio […]

Wilson: Safety, trust demands accountability

Picture a city of about 35,000, or just picture Clovis. Imagine this Clovis, for 15 years, experiences a fatal shooting every month. We know the shooter every time. Most shootings had witnesses, and some are on video, yet nobody goes to jail and only three are ever charged. Do you feel safe in this alternate […]

Congress’ main concern should be our children

Only the U.S. Congress could turn a battle against a mosquito-borne virus into a fight over Obamacare and the stars and bars. U.S. Rep. Ben Ray Luján, D-New Mexico, is advocating for legislation that would dedicate $1.9 billion to fighting the Zika virus because more than 63 percent of the U.S. population lives in areas […]

McManigal: Refusing to vote is vote for liberty

In last week’s column, valid alternatives were offered to those hesitant to waste a vote by endorsing an evil — lesser or not. For some reason almost everyone focused on the point that it isn’t smart to keep playing a game you know is rigged. Overwhelmingly, the people demand their right to keep losing to […]