Wind power shouldn’t be ignored

By Tom McDonald State columnist Last weekend brought a rash of tornado watches and warnings over the eastern side of New Mexico, and more than a few tornados were reported. No one was killed — which is not only fortunate but typical as well, at least in the Land of Enchantment. I grew up in […]

People deserve complete details on Bergdahl case

The release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl by the Taliban, in exchange for five Taliban leaders held at Guantanamo Bay, raises a number of issues that should be addressed separately. First, it is a good thing that an American soldier who has been held by enemy forces for nearly five years is free. Regardless of […]

Father much cooler, smarter now

  By Wendel Sloan Local columnist My father, Guy Sloan, died in 1990 at 71.   After working around asbestos for 25 years as a carpenter at an east Texas steel mill — an 80-mile round-trip from my hometown of Mt. Vernon — he spent his final years coughing so hard his ribs would break. […]

Thankful for last talk with my uncle

By Kitsana Dounglomchan Guest columnist My Uncle Dennis — nicknamed Uncle Den — served as a battalion chief for 30 years in the Alameda County fire department in California. My aunt once told me a story about Uncle Den jumping from the roof of a burning building before it caved in. He never talked about […]

State’s education excellence drive should continue

Finally. New Mexico made it to the top of an education ranking. The state’s high school graduation rate increased faster than any other state from 2007 through 2012. That’s excellent news for the state, its students and its schools. But despite boosting its rate of seniors graduating in four years by 15 percentage points over […]

Society exists in spite of the state

By Kent McManigal Local columnist Power, organization and direction. Many people seem to feel these are good attributes to always be encouraged, but they miss the destructive potential these same qualities possess in many situations. Think of tornadoes, for example. Tornadoes have plenty of power, organization and direction, but are lacking both wisdom and ethics […]

Plot to divide and conquer working

By Rube Render Local columnist The federal government owns approximately 42 percent of the land in New Mexico. Apparently this is not enough, and it plans to commandeer control of the rest of the state through use of the Endangered Species Act. From Curry County to Lea County in the southeast corner and turning west […]

Letter to the Editor: Clovis visit provided joyful memories

Words cannot adequately express our feelings for what was the warmest reception received from the community during the Pioneer Days festivities. So many people, whether at meetings, luncheons or on the streets came up to us to welcome us home or expressed their apologies for what happened over a generation ago. It is important to […]

Those disgusted by message free to stay away

Mindin’ other people’s business seems to be high-toned I got all that I can do just to mind my own Why don’t you mind your own business? — Hank Williams Clovis is all atwitter about the possibility of a strip club coming to the county. The supposed owner, on an anonymous Facebook page, calls it […]

Taking my own advice about notes

By Kevin Wilson Staff columnist Last week I talked about the importance of always leaving a note. I think it’s time I took my own advice, and left a few notes of advice: Dear Congress: If you skip briefings about the details of returning a prisoner of war to his family, and you skip hearings […]

Walking school bus program great idea

Sometimes old ways can be best. Before the school bus was invented, most children walked to school. Today, in Rhode Island, Missouri, Iowa and other states, children are getting off the bus seats and back on their feet. An adult volunteer leads the students on their walk to class. In some districts, the “walking school […]

Online exchange being considered

By Tom Philpott Military Update Defense officials are weighing a proposal from the director of the Army and Air Force Exchange Service to allow the nation’s 22 million honorably discharged veterans, and perhaps an equal number of their family members, to shop online for military exchange products and discounts. Shoppers who use the AAFES website […]

Country should never forget Code Talkers

In a period that saw the 70th anniversary of D-Day, it is also fitting to honor the selfless sacrifice of the last of the 29 original Navajo Code Talkers. Chester Nez was in 10th grade when he was recruited out of boarding school for the Marines to help develop a secret code based on his complex […]

Illegal youth costly factor to consider in reform

Increasingly young people illegally crossing into the United States over its southern border with Mexico are unescorted by family members. While some are from Mexico, most are from Central America. Some hope to locate relatives or find work. Some are just trying to escape poverty and crime in their home countries. Children includes all border […]

It’s cliche, but everyone has a story

By Wendell Sloan Local columnist It is a cliché, but — patronizing stereotypes to the contrary — everyone has a story. I have known Matt Hillsman, 78, since his 1986 arrival on the High Plains from Connecticut to pursue a master’s in archaeology — joining son Ian in college. “It’s nice you are here,” Ian […]

Enjoy your political power now

By Ned Cantwell State columnist A lot of us more seasoned New Mexicans, i.e., old people, have had a bellyful of you young folks who think you run the world. Well, you don’t. Look no further than state politics. Just days ago there was a primary election. If its turnout mirrored history, citizens over 50 […]

Election about New Mexico and its future

Name recognition won the day in the Democratic gubernatorial primary, as Attorney General Gary King beat four challengers for the right to face Gov. Susana Martinez in November. The attacks started immediately, with Republican operatives faulting King for weak leadership and, pointedly, quoting current Democratic Party Chairman Sam Bregman (he once called King the worst […]

Military should have been consulted

By Rube Render Local columnist Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, Jonathan Pollard, Aldrich Ames, John Anthony Walker, Robert Hanssen and Benedict Arnold have at least one thing in common: They all “served the United States with honor and distinction.” While those listed above, other than Sgt. Bergdahl, were all convicted of spying against the United States, National […]

Ideals didn’t change, Americans did

By Kent McManigal Local columnist How did the ideals America was founded upon — even if they were always imperfectly implemented — become so misunderstood and reviled by the majority of Americans? How did these principles become “radical,” “extreme,” and frightening? Or even “terrorism?” How did false safety and socialistic collectivism become the default position […]

Everyone should have a say in who wins

Curry County’s new sheriff was not selected by a majority of residents or even a majority of voters. Wesley Waller was the overwhelming choice of only those registered to vote as Republicans who participated in the 2014 primary election. He has no opponent in November, unless a minority candidate signs up for a miracle run by […]