Others will step up for right to vote

Rube Render Local columnist Voting in the United States is the constitutional birthright of every citizen who meets minimum qualifications. The passage of the 26th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1971 lowered the age requirement from 21 years to 18. I was on active duty at the time, serving overseas, and the general consensus […]

Partisan election requirements should be ended

If Lady Justice is supposed to be blind to all who come before her, then she shouldn’t be subjected to politics. Unfortunately, partisan politics is part of the game in winning a seat on the bench in New Mexico. Judicial races today draw intense political interest — even to the point of a political party […]

Voting turnout dismal everywhere

By Tom McDonald State columnist I thought I’d seen it all — paying attention to the news after so many years will do that to you. Politics becomes so predictable, advocacy so redundant, today’s story so much like yesterday’s. The news, like history, tends to repeat itself. But last week I read a story in […]

Unspeakable that dogfighting continues today

Unspeakable. The discovery in Valencia County of the mutilated bodies of four dogs suspected of having been used as bait to train fighting dogs is sickening. They were dumped outside the Conejo Collection Station in Los Lunas. Two severely injured dogs were found wandering nearby; only one survived. While it’s hard to know how widespread […]

Chances for compassion abound

By Wendel Sloan Local columnist Thank you to my Louisiana sister-in-law, LaRue Love Sloan, for posting Maria Popova’s “Brain Pickings” blog reviewing Karen Armstrong’s “Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life.” Armstrong, 70, writes, “Compassion … asks us to look into our own hearts, discover what gives us pain, and then refuse to inflict that pain […]

Time to negotiate tourism setup

By Robert Arrowsmith Publisher After a meeting with Department of Tourism representatives last week, it became apparent to me that there is not really a desire to reopen the Texico visitors’ center. But I might be wrong. The Department of Tourism reported that it costs $90,000 per year to maintain the visitors’ center. It was […]

It’s short-sighted to cut drug court program funding

Drug court or jail? The advantage drug court offers to the addict is the chance to craft a better, drug-free life — and stay out of jail. The advantage to the taxpayer? One less person to house, feed and guard in jail. One less junkie on the street looking to break into your house and […]

Visitors center could be profitable

By Kent McManigal Local columnist The Texico New Mexico Visitors Center’s fate has generated a bit of talk — most of which seems to revolve around trying to convince government to spend confiscated money to re-open it, leaving it in the hands of the very group that fumbled it. Why hand it back to them? […]

Flat tax proposal makes good sense

By Rube Render Local columnist State Sen. Bill Sharer from San Juan County in Northwest New Mexico has introduced a bill that would completely overhaul the current tax structure of our state. Sharer, a Republican from Farmington, wants to replace the current tax system that has over 1,000 pages with his proposal of a 228-page […]

Governor’s palace deserves National Treasure honor

The Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe has been declared a National Treasure. Of course, that’s after 400 years of existence, serving as the seat of government for the Spanish, Mexican and U.S. leaders. For a brief time in 1861, even the Confederate States of America directed affairs from the Palace. With the designation […]

Have to adjust to survive in papers

By Tom McDonald State columnist The other day, someone I’m very close to made the comment that I was just a little late to my chosen profession. That may be true, but it doesn’t mean I’d rather be doing something else. You see, I’m a newspaperman. I’m part of an industry that seems to have […]

Roch proposal benefits state’s sober workers

If employees show up to work drunk or high, then get hurt or worse, should they or their survivors still get 90 percent of the workers’ compensation benefits to which they normally would be entitled? Because right now in New Mexico they can and do, even if there is no question the impaired state is […]

Friends free Fluffy the white rabbit

By Wendel Sloan Local columnist This is an original children’s story for your youngsters: Fluffy was a huge white rabbit as big as a kangaroo. He lived in a golden meadow, with a carrot patch in the middle, with his friends: black birds, blue butterflies, brown bears, gray gooses, green grasshoppers, orange orangutans, pink panthers, […]

MainStreet responsible for results

By Robert Arrowsmith Publisher An open letter to New Mexico MainStreet: As much as I dislike saying this, you put yourself in this position. For those of you that do not know, this week the Legislature is recommending $250,000 less for the state MainStreet program; if passed, that will result in the elimination of key […]

NMSU’s public records proposal should be nixed

New Mexico State University wants to turn back the clock 38 years and keep information from the folks who pay their government’s bills. Information including: • Job applicants. • People who file civil rights complaints or are accused of civil rights violations. • Various law enforcement records. At best the proposed exemptions to the Inspection […]

‘Radical’ not bad if rooted in good

By Kent McManigal Local columnist Being radical has gotten a bad name due to horrible acts committed by evil radicals. The fault doesn’t lie in being radical; it comes from being radical about bad things, or beliefs, which convince people it’s acceptable to use aggression, coercion, and theft to advance their cause. “Radical” is from […]

President’s speech not entirely true

By Rube Render Local columnist Every year the State of the Union speech is touted by pundits and hyped by television producers in an effort to convince the viewing public to tune in. Each year, less and less do. The speech begins with a list of all the triumphs the current administration has achieved during […]

Blaming Obamacare hides real problems

I think the article on Friday’s front page concerning the eye care office closure is a bunch of malarkey. Their explanation is so confusing. First they blame Obamacare and then Medicaid. Why don’t they come out and say it’s about money/greed and that they can’t afford their Mercedes payments anymore? They sucked the blood out […]

Obama should reduce spending to pay down debt

President Barack O’Robin Hood spoke to the American people Tuesday and promised everything short of maid service. In his last two years, the president will take from the rich and give to the poor — if the Republicans will let him. To fund free college, a tripling of child-care support, tax benefits for a select […]

Obama not ready to find compromises

By Tom McDonald State columnist Remember the sign that James Carville, then a strategist for Bill Clinton in his 1992 run for the presidency, put up at campaign headquarters? “It’s the economy, stupid” was the simple message he posted, so campaign workers would stay on message — and, indeed, they did. Back then, President George […]