Empty stocking: Wednesday, Dec. 8

CNJ staff Today’s Focus: Karen Household members: 7 Children: 6 Special circumstances: She is taking care of her sister’s children. Clothing needs: Boy’s pants sizes 7, 9-10, 8-9 and 3 T; girl’s pants sizes 4T and 12 months; boy’s shirts sizes 7, 9-10, 8-9 and 3 T; girls shirts sizes 4T and 12 months; boys […]

Empty stocking, Nov. 28, 2004

Today’s focus: Kelly Household members: 2 Children: 1 Special circumstances: “I just lost my mother in September and since her passing, I have not been able to be self-sufficient.” Her holiday hopes: “I would really like my daughter Kristen to have a good Christmas.” Clothing needs: 6 or small girls’ pants, 6 or small girls’ […]