Swimming, Shaving, Soap, DDT, and Theology

By Curtis K. Shelburne: Local columnist Swimming right after you eat is dangerous. Using antibacterial soap significantly decreases your chance of getting a cold. Shaving makes your hair grow back thicker. Getting chilled gives people colds. Road rage is an epidemic. Mouthwash cures bad breath. Sugar makes kids hyper. DDT is an awful chemical whose […]

1/8 School menus

Clovis Elementary Monday: No school. Tuesday: Breakfast — Blueberry muffin, cold juice and milk. Lunch — Hamburger on a bun, french fries, pickle slices, chilled pears, cold milk. Wednesday: Breakfast — Breakfast pizza, cold juice and milk. Lunch — Pizza, garden fresh salad, ranch dressing, chilled mixed fruit, cold milk. Thursday: Breakfast — Go-gurt & […]

12/18 School menus

Clovis elementary Monday: Breakfast — Oatmeal and toast, cold juice and milk. Lunch — Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes with gravy, hot homemade roll, chilled peaches and cold milk. Tuesday: Breakfast — Sausage biscuit, cold juice and milk. Lunch — Tacos with salsa, seasoned pinto beans, crisp lettuce, fresh apple and cold milk. Wednesday: Breakfast — […]

Oct. 9 week school menu

Clovis Elementary Monday — Observance of Columbus Day. No school. Tuesday — Breakfast: Blueberry muffin, milk. Lunch: Italian dunkers, garden-fresh salad, ranch dressing, pineapple tidbits, milk. Wednesday — Breakfast: Go-gurt, toast, milk. Lunch: Oven-baked chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, carrot sticks, hot homemade roll, milk. Thursday — Breakfast: Wonderful waffles, cold juice, milk. Lunch: Burrito […]