Throwing money at agriculture not the solution

Paying farmers not to farm isn’t a new or shocking concept inside the U.S. Department of Agriculture: in fact, today it’s a widely accepted practice, used to keep the price of commodities pumped up, protect “wetlands” and advance other conservation goals, some of which have a dubious public benefit. But how about paying farmers in […]

Clovis explores private funding

Marlena Hartz: CNJ staff writer Private money can be a mighty resource for public schools, and it should be tapped locally, according to Clovis Municipal Schools Superintendent Rhonda Seidenwurm. “As many graduates as we have who live right here in Clovis, we are missing a real opportunity for that community to give money to our […]

School evolves again

By Marlena Hartz: CNJ Staff Writer Lincoln-Jackson evolved from a segregated school for black students, to an integrated school, to an arts academy. These days, it is undergoing another evolution, into a family center. The arts academy has changed locations and merged with Bella Vista Elementary. And in turn, Lincoln-Jackson has become home to a […]

Fine arts program will be funded despite budget transfer

By Marlena Hartz: CNJ Staff Writer Money earmarked for fine arts programs has been transferred into the Clovis Municipal Schools operational budget, but fine arts programs in the district will still be funded in the next school year, school officials said. “When funds are earmarked, your hands are tied,” CMS Deputy Superintendent Ladona Clayton said. […]

Resident maintains oasis for victims


Hank Baskett of Clovis explains the purpose of the Oasis Children’s Advocate Center, recognized by the 9th District Attorney’s Office for its work. (Staff photo: Tony Bullocks) By Sharna Johnson: CNJ staff writer Hank Baskett, Oasis Children’s Advocacy Center director, believes God directed him down a path he could never have envisioned. He conducts forensic […]

Clovis plans parent academy

By Marlena Hartz: CNJ staff writer Former and future students will be seated at desks a few miles away at the Bella Vista Elementary campus, but Lincoln-Jackson Arts Academy will not be vacant when the next school year begins, school administrators said. Plans to transform the arts academy into a hub for programs aimed at […]

THE COST OF INCARCERATION: Taxpayers are paying a heavy price for crime


In Curry County to house one inmate at the detention center burns $50 in taxpayer money per day. To educate and care for one child in area schools, costs $29 per day. (CNJ staff photo: Sharna Johnson) By Marlena Hartz: CNJ staff writer Every day in Roosevelt and Curry County, taxpayers pay more to house […]

House approves $5 billion budget

By Barry Massey: The Associated Press SANTA FE — State spending would increase by 8.4 percent next year to pay for public education and general government programs under a $5.1 billion budget bill approved unanimously by the House. About two-thirds of the proposed spending increase is directed at public schools and colleges and universities. The […]

United Way reaches goal with late push

Freedom Newspapers Eleventh-hour gifts by Eastern New Mexico University staff members and an anonymous couple have helped the local United Way achieve this year’s $482,005 fund-raising goal. The donations bring the overall total received to exactly 100 percent of the goal. In Curry County $421,950 of the $412,005 goal or 102 percent has been attained. […]

Lawmakers plan ’junior’ budget allowing members to earmark money

By Barry Massey: The Associated Press SANTA FE — With the state enjoying a revenue windfall, lawmakers are planning a possible $40 million “junior” budget bill that would allow each member to earmark several hundred thousand dollars for programs or projects of their choosing. The Senate is taking the lead in drafting the spending measure, […]

Money should support towns, schools

By Brian Moore: Guest Columnist We’re about to start a new legislative session this week, and it should be an interesting one. We’re starting a 30-day session, which is supposed to be only for the budget, plus a few items the governor thinks important enough to deal with in this short period of time. You’ve […]

Curry reaches United Way goal

By Andy Jackson: CNJ staff writer The United Way of Eastern New Mexico surpassed its fund-raising goal in Curry County by almost 2 percent, though Roosevelt County fell short of its goal, Executive Director Erinn Burch said on Friday. Curry County residents pledged $419,166, Burch said, compared to a goal of $412,005 for the county. […]

CCC targeted for state funds

CNJ staff Brick and mortar projects at Clovis Community College and Eastern New Mexico University got a big boost Wednesday from Gov. Bill Richardson. Richardson carved out $8 million in his capital outlay budget for building projects at the institutions, according to a press release from his office. “With a strong financial outlook, now is […]

With Proxmire passes legendary frugality

By Steve Chapman: Syndicated Columnist During his long career in politics, Richard Nixon said a lot of things that were not strictly true. But the biggest misstatement of all may have come in 1958, when he went to Wisconsin to campaign against Democratic Sen. William Proxmire. If Proxmire were re-elected, Nixon told voters, “you will […]

Play, Inc. director talks programs, children, future

Sheila Holley has been the executive director at Play Inc. for about four months. Holley, known better as “Coach Holley” to Play Inc. patrons, has been involved with the recreational organization for 19 years. Q: For those who don’t know, what is Play Inc.? A: Play Inc. is a youth and family recreational place where […]

Heating costs forcing some seniors to look at alternatives


Richard Jamieson holds up his homemade storm window Saturday at his home north of Clovis. The storm window, which is piece of insulation with tape, is used to keep out the cold and lower heating costs. (Staff photo: Eric Kluth) By Marlena Hartz: CNJ staff writer A wood stove and closed doors. These are the […]

School programs end soon, forcing parents to look elsewhere for childcare


Megan Edwards, a kindergarten student at Lockwood Elementary School, plays with Buster, a 10-year-old Basset hound-beagle mix, Wednesday at Nana Pearl’s Day Care in Clovis. (Staff photo: Eric Kluth) By Marlena Hartz: CNJ staff writer A ring of cars lined up bumper to bumper outside Cameo Elementary School. Students streamed out of the building with […]

Parents fail to teach common courtesies

CNJ Readers The article in Sunday’s Clovis News Journal concerning the manners of the American people hit the nail right on the head. It served as a reminder to today’s younger people why us older people keep wishing for a return of yesteryear when humans treated humans like humans. Why are people so rude today? […]

Government farm programs hinder free trade

Freedom Newspapers One of mankind’s earliest inventions was agriculture. Growing their food rather than chasing it around or wandering in search of it enabled people to stay in one place. This stability allowed the development of other trappings of civilization: towns, trade, regional culture and government. But agriculture provided the foundation upon which all else […]

Portales names super finalists

Freedom Newspapers Portales school officials Tuesday named five finalists for their superintendent’s position. • David Briseno, principal at La Casita Elementary in Clovis and federal programs director for the district. • Jack Burch, superintendent at Elida schools. • Robert Crane, science teacher at Muleshoe High School. • Randy Fowler, a field service agent for the […]