God’s love constant in our lives

By Judy Brandon: Religion columnist My conception of Jesus has evolved over the years. I knew him first as the Baby Jesus. At a young age, I knew him as Savior, and through the years I have known him as deliverer, healer, adviser and comforter. He is not the one that has changed — I […]

Accepting God’s gift means “getting over” ourselves

By Curtis K. Shelburne If God’s Son had only chosen to make peace with religious folks who loved rules better than they loved God, who loved the Law better than they loved the Giver of the Law, whose pride required a law they could use to keep score and left little room for soft hearts […]

Even the rocks know the good news

By Curtis Shelburne This Sunday is Palm Sunday. Remember Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on the Sunday before he would die? Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey no one had ever ridden, a beast his disciples found just as he had said they would. As he approached the city, people began to spread their […]