Cowboys can’t win at everything

Glenda Price Shorty got his name when he was a 2-year old squirt they didn’t think would grow tall at all. He’s 6-feet-4. Awhile back he ended up having to go to court over an enviro-induced question of law. You know — one of those deals where they decided he should move his cattle because […]

Scarbrough, Lola

Lola Scarbrough Services: Have been held. Lola Belle Scarbrough, 86, of Melrose, died Monday, Sept. 27, 2004, at Lubbock Heart Hospital. She was born on Dec. 9, 1917, in Melrose, to early-day Melrose settlers, N.A. “Shorty” and Rose Etta Kennedy. She was a lifetime resident of Melrose, where she was a member of First Baptist […]