Being anti-social-network has mixed results

I told a friend why I decided on a new personal effort called Facebook-Free Friday. "It feels like the site is 90 percent bumper stickers, horizontal praying (praying at people and not to God) and people still trying to revisit the election," I said. I got a nod and, "Yeah, pretty much." Then on Thursday, […]

CCC president seven-time participant in Boston Marathon

Clovis Community College President Becky Rowley, a seven-time participant in the Boston Marathon, spent part of Monday morning wishing she had made it an eighth time this year, as she heard the weather conditions were perfect. File photo CCC President Becky Rowley said she still plans to run in the Boston Marathon next year. On […]

Police searching apartment in Boston suburb

BOSTON — Two bombs exploded in the crowded streets near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday, killing at least three people and injuring more than 140 in a bloody scene of shattered glass and severed limbs that raised alarms that terrorists might have struck again in the U.S. A White House official […]

Citizens group argues for halt to water project

A meeting to discuss the $500 million Ute Water Pipeline Project escalated into a screaming match Friday in Portales between residents who oppose the project and local officials addressing their concerns. At one point police — who were asked by city officials to attend the meeting for security reasons — asked an audience member to […]

YMCA abruptly closes local operations

A group of angry residents clad in gym attire stood outside the Clovis Family YMCA on Friday afternoon. They had come to the YMCA to work out, and they were informed that it would be their last workout because the YMCA would be closed, effective Saturday. CMI staff photo: Tony Bullocks The Clovis Family YMCA […]

Lectureship unites sci-fi, fantasy writers

Aliens, witches, vampires and goblins were common topics of discussion this week as science fiction and fantasy authors, young writers and fans of the genre descended on Eastern New Mexico University for the annual Jack Williamson Lectureship. CMI staff photo: Christina Calloway A panel discusses science fiction classics in television, film and literature Friday at […]

Pentagon talks about closing bases

One Curry County commissioner is confident Cannon Air Force Base would be spared in a Department of Defense proposal that calls for another round of domestic base closures. "There's so much construction out there, and they just finished building C-130 hangars," Commissioner Frank Blackburn said. "It would be foolish to put Cannon on BRAC." The […]

Ticket Feature: Second City bringing laughs

Chicago's legendary sketch comedy theater, The Second City, is here to fill your evening with laughs. Courtesy photo: The Second City Members of the legendary comic group The Second City. The Thursday show at Marshall Auditorium will feature comical sketches, songs and improvisations that will involve the audience. The show, which is part of the […]

Eastern Plains Council of Governments approves Friday furloughs

Finances took center stage Wednesday at the Eastern Plains Council of Governments board of directors meeting, as the board approved of a shortened work week for employees and discussed the need to raise the cost of membership dues. Odessa Hamilton, EPCOG finance manager, said EPCOG employees will no longer be working on Fridays and will […]

New focus given to canola

Winter canola uses less water than winter wheat, and crop scientists will be teaching interested farmers about the benefits and challenges of growing this crop. Courtesy photo: New Mexico State University Canola has a variety of uses, including mill for feeding livestock and it can be converted into biodeisel, and will be the focus of […]

Legend featured in Lectureship

Prepare for a science fiction invasion as authors, aspiring writers and lovers of the genre alike flock to Eastern New Mexico University Thursday and Friday to celebrate one of the genre's pioneers, Jack Williamson. CMI file photo Jack Williamson, who died in 2006, is celebrated annually with the Lectureship that carries his name at Eastern […]

“Just for Women” just a little different

Just for Women is being hosted by the Portales Women's Club, which celebrated its 110th birthday this year. Proceeds from the event will fund Eastern New Mexico University scholarships and the ENMU homecoming dance, among other charitable donations. Fast facts What: Just for Women CMI staff photo: Tony Bullocks Sheryl Borden of Portales and chairperson […]

In search of ponies: Cats have ability to help; choice another matter

It's hard to imagine them being capable of acts of heroism. First and foremost, even though they do come in larger sizes — tubby being the most likely — domestic cats just aren't powerhouses. Sure they're great at getting themselves out of harm's way, slinking through tight spaces, landing on their feet and climbing out […]

McGee: Magic box 1, Grant 0

A vacation in Florida a couple of weeks ago gave The Lady of the House and I the opportunity to catch up on watching movies. Being out-of-towners we rented our DVDs from the red vending machine called "Red Box" inside the Southern Supermarket. We have a few of these contraptions sprinkled around here on the […]

Portales resident critically burned in house fire

Pauline Johnson of Portales asked the community for prayers Thursday night while her daughter-in-law was being treated at a Lubbock hospital for burns suffered in a house fire earlier that day. Sharon Johnson, 63, who is wheelchair bound, had to be rescued by firefighters after her home on North Avenue B caught fire Thursday morning. […]

Another explosive device in eastern New Mexico

SANTA ROSA — New Mexico State Police are investigating after an explosive device was found at a famous diving spot in eastern New Mexico. Sgt. Emmanuel Gutierrez said the state police bomb squad was called out to the Blue Hole on Thursday after a visitor noticed a suspicious device in the fresh-water spring. The park […]

Judge Teddy Hartley retiring after 10 years

After 10 years behind the bench, Teddy Hartley is giving up the gavel for free time. Teddy Hartley Hartley, a Clovis native, will retire from his position as chief justice for the Ninth Judicial District, effectively July 1. "I'm still healthy, and I'll be 73 years old (when I leave)," Hartley said. "I have health […]

Sunland test production pushed back

Test production runs of Sunland Inc.'s facilities have been pushed back a couple of weeks to mid-April, according to Vice President Katalin Coburn. She attributes the setback to the continuing installations of equipment and delays in deliveries. Coburn says Sunland has rehired 85 percent of its laid off workforce and says they will be closer […]

Death dilemma: Where does the body go?

The Lady of the House and I went on vacation a couple of weeks ago with son and grandson in tow. Our first day on the road ended with a stay at a motel in east Texas. Somewhere in the middle of the night I was awakened by absolute quiet: No gentle sounds of slumber […]

Nature may have final say on human elephant conflict

Most often, they strike under cover of darkness, ripping crops from the fields, toppling and smashing buildings and crushing anyone who gets in their way. Sometimes their anger grows and they break ranks, targeting and murdering their human enemy on sight. They are intelligent enough to overcome most any obstacle set to deter them, even […]