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Cats second, Lady Cats fourth in Alamo meet

Staff report ALAMOGORDO — Weather conditions were less than ideal, but Clovis High boys track coach Darren Kelley said the Wildcats got some good things out of Friday’s Bob Sepulveda Invitational, hosted by Alamogordo H.S. The Cats finished second with 86 points in the eight-school event, trailing only the host Tigers (105). “We did good, […]

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Vaccinations vital in keeping children healthy

In 2009, only 46 percent of New Mexico children had received all the recommended vaccinations. In 2013, 65.7 percent of New Mexico children were fully up to date on their shots. And while that means 34 percent of children weren’t, it is important to recognize the effort that moved New Mexico from having less than […]

McManigal: Taxation, even of the rich, is theft

Many people want “the rich” punished through taxation. They are seeking to use government to steal from the rich on their behalf — knowing it would be wrong to take it in person. Two of their favorite weapons are “estate taxes” and taxing “big business” more. Perhaps they mistake the tax collector for Robin Hood. […]

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Help needed — April 26

Mary Helen Urioste is asking for donations to offset the cost of building onto her home to accommodate the required equipment for her 16-year-old grandson, who suffered a brain stem stroke caused by a blood mutation. An account has been set up in his name, Antonio M. Aragon, at Western Bank in Clovis, telephone number […]

Earth Day important to me

What are your reasons for believing that Earth Day, and its message of ecological awareness, are important? Perhaps I am jumping the gun; perhaps you are not among those who believe this to be true. At any rate, here are some of my own reasons, as we have just passed the annual April day of […]

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