Given budget numbers, state needs a plan

While New Mexicans depend on their leaders to remain cool, calm and collected in a crisis, when oil and gas prices drop to the point that the state burns through $400 million in cash reserves in one budget year and takes those reserves down to just $63 million, it’s time for a serious family discussion […]

McManigal: Free market works despite laws

I try to assume everyone is generally decent until they prove otherwise. If they weren’t, society would be impossible; government or no government. Good people don’t need to be governed, bad people can’t be, and smart bad people become government. Look for problems, and you’ll find them. If you treat people as you want to […]

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Staff photo: Brooke Finch
Parkland Baptist Church Pastor Wayne Boydstun, left, accepts a 10-year service award from Operation Christmas Child Amarillo Network Coordinator Karen Copeland on behalf of the church.

Faith: Clovis church given 10-year service award

By Brooke Finch Staff Writer bfinch@cnjonline.com Members of the Parkland Baptist Church have proven that, even in July, it’s never too early to get into the Christmas spirit. The Clovis church on Wednesday was awarded for its 10 years of service with Operation Christmas Child (OCC). Through Samaritan’s Purse, an international relief and Christian evangelism […]

Faith: God won’t leave us in the depths

By Curtis Shelburne Religion columnist It’s amazing how often we can find ourselves within the pages of the biblical Book of Psalms. Consider Psalm 130. I hope we’re not in this psalmist’s sandals often, but anyone who has lived very long can empathize with him. Hurting and almost hopeless, he writes, “Out of the depths […]

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