Albuquerque did Trump a favor

What a political gift. Donald Trump’s campaign should have left Albuquerque thanking the thugs and hooligans who took to the streets to protest the candidate’s Tuesday rally at the Convention Center. Those protesters did more to gin up support for Trump nationwide than any speech he could have given or any political endorsements he could […]

McManigal: Regulation is radical extremism

I am driven by a love of personal responsibility, individual rights, free enterprise, and private property rights. At one time these values would have labeled me a conservative. The conservative preference of an earlier era was to keep the tentacles of the state out of life. This doesn’t seem to be what mainstream political conservatives […]

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Courtesy photo: Larry Fulgham
Wilma Fulgham poses in a recent photo.

Our People: Rodeo queen still in the scene

Wilma Fulgham was born in Farwell and raised within the Clovis area through the depression years. She has been involved in agriculture all her life and comes from a family of hard workers. In 1906, her grandfather, Henry Curtis, came to the Texico area on a covered wagon. Fulgham is recognized for being involved in […]

Creative living: DIY tips coming up

Information on using a Kinkajou bottle cutter, how to avoid dangerous items in our purses and pockets and making snack cakes will be the featured topics on “Creative Living” 9:30 p.m. Tuesday and noon Thursday. Elena Etcheverry is the founder and executive director for Charity Wings in San Marcos, California.  She is going to show […]

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