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NMSU’s public records proposal should be nixed

New Mexico State University wants to turn back the clock 38 years and keep information from the folks who pay their government’s bills. Information including: • Job applicants. • People who file civil rights complaints or are accused of civil rights violations. • Various law enforcement records. At best the proposed exemptions to the Inspection […]

‘Radical’ not bad if rooted in good

By Kent McManigal Local columnist Being radical has gotten a bad name due to horrible acts committed by evil radicals. The fault doesn’t lie in being radical; it comes from being radical about bad things, or beliefs, which convince people it’s acceptable to use aggression, coercion, and theft to advance their cause. “Radical” is from […]

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Shelburne: God always on the other line

I wonder when we turned the corner? Telephonically speaking, I mean. Once upon a time having a cell phone was a very cool thing, a “status symbol” even. (Hey, I remember when having a telephone with push buttons and not a rotary dial was cool.) The first cell phone I ever spied looked like spy […]

Brandon: Dogs and fleas works spiritually, as well

I have written about it before, but each time I am driving down Commerce Way, my thoughts turn to my very old Marshall Junior High School days. Now it is called Marshall Middle School but when I was there, it was full of seventh-, eighth- and ninth-graders. Also I have noticed that some of the […]

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